When many people think of luxury rehab facilities, they picture high priced centers where celebrities or the wealthy go for treatment. However, this is not always the case. While celebrities do often go to luxury rehab centers, there are many everyday people who do as well. Southern California is home to affordable luxury rehabs that offer top notch programs at rates that make them accessible to diverse clientele. You deserve the best during your recovery and these types of facilities can provide the personalized services and care that you need.

There are numerous benefits of going to a luxury rehab that clients find attractive:

  • Smaller setting for more privacy

There are many rehab centers were clients share a room with another client. Luxury rehabs generally offer private room options. You can have your own space and create a more comfortable environment. In your free time you can relax and reflect on your own without someone else being there. In general there are usually fewer clients so programs are more personalized and staff-to-client ratios are lower. You can build a better rapport with those you are working with and also get to know the other clients.

Luxury rehab centers are often set in relaxing and private locations as well. For instance, Chapters Capistrano is nestled along the Southern California oceanfront providing clients with easy access to the beach as well as nature trails. They can take in the cool breeze from the ocean and listen to the calming crashing of the waves. This can be very relaxing and help to reduce stress and improve focus. The rehab facility is made to feel more like a home than a hospital.

  • Personalized care

With a smaller staff-to-client ratio, you can receive more customized care and attention. Treatment plans are tailored to your specific needs and situation. It is a more intimate setting where your voice is heard. In group therapy, there are fewer people so you have more opportunities to share and really get involved. You can feel more comfortable as you really get to know those that you are working with and they get to know you.

You also have the ability to try out different approaches to treatment. If one strategy does not seem to be working well, you can discuss other options and find what works best for you. With more one-on-one therapy time, you can get to the root of problems and develop more effective solutions that fit your needs. You may find that 12-step strategies are very effective, or you may prefer non 12-step approaches or a combination of both. The focus is on you and what you respond well to, allowing you to progress at your own pace.

In addition, luxury rehab centers like Chapters Capistrano offer on-site detox so all of your needs are met in one location. Other rehab centers may send clients to a separate facility for detox first. With on-site care you begin to settle in more quickly and there is no transition. The same staff is taking care of you the entire time and you can build a rapport with them.

  • Flexibility in care

Because programs are typically customized, you can have more flexibility in how long treatment lasts. Clients progress at their own pace and while 30 days is standard for care, they may need more or less time. The program is often more adaptable to their specific needs, allowing for longer or shorter stays. In addition, other aspects of treatment can be individualized as well. Since there are fewer clients at a time, meals are less institutionalized and more personalized. They cater to making fresh, nutritious options that enhance recovery and healing. Clients learn what they should be putting into their bodies to promote better health and what works with their lifestyle and any other medical conditions.

Luxury rehab centers also offer a variety of amenities. From exercise space and pools to other services such as massage or acupuncture, clients can heal their whole self. They have access to resources that support healing and help them to establish healthier routines. The facility is designed to be more comprehensive and create an experience that facilitates recovery and a more customized approach than a standard program.

Recognizing that many clients have families and cannot completely disconnect for the duration of treatment, some luxury rehab centers like Chapters Capistrano in San Clemente are cell phone and laptop friendly. While clients cannot use these devices during treatment sessions, they can keep in touch during free time. Clients can feel more relaxed and motivated knowing that they can talk to their children or spouse. If they need to send an email for work or to family, they can. While ideally they want to focus their time and attention on their recovery efforts, it is not necessarily practical to expect complete isolation.

Additionally, allowing clients to use their phone or computer can help to facilitate adjustment back into society. When they leave treatment they will have access to these devices, so learning how to adapt their use and make better choices with who they communicate with while in treatment can be beneficial.

  • Making treatment more relatable

It is a big decision to seek treatment for addiction. Clients often are hesitant about the unknown and what types of changes they will experience. Creating a more comfortable and personalized environment can make rehab more inviting and relatable. It feels more like home than a sterile treatment center. Clients have everything they need and their recovery is a top priority. Luxury rehab does not have to be something that is out of their reach.

For an affordable, luxury rehab experience that provides you with the personal care and attention you desire, contact Chapters Capistrano today at 949-371-4198. Start a new chapter in your life and receive the support you need to boost your recovery.