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Chapters Capistrano is dedicated to providing each of our clients with an individualized treatment plan that directly caters to their needs, individual addictions and personal goals. One of those treatment methods incorporates the 12 step rehab program, which is the keystone of the alcohol addiction treatment principles taught by Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

As a client of Chapters Capistrano, it is important for you to understand that there will never be a time when you are required to attend an AA or NA meeting. Rather, we choose to communicate that the 12 Step approach is another avenue available to our clients, should they so desire.

12 Steps of Recovery

The 12 Step program itself was created to address a wide range of substance abuse and dependency issues. Through this unique program, recovery is administered through mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual methods, and typically involves the following ideas:

  • An individual is powerless over the substance abuse-related behavior.
  • The program refers to the lack of control over the compulsion, and the underlying behavior persists regardless of negative life consequences experienced.
  • There is a cognitive process that causes the individual to repeat the compulsive behavior; the person either knows the result will be an inability to curb their actions or operates under the belief that the outcome will be different this time.
  • The spiritual dimension or “malady” is considered in all 12 Step groups and identified as self-centerdness.
  • The model is not scientific.
  • The process through which the 12 Steps occur is intended to replace self-centerdness with a growing moral conscience and willingness for self-sacrifice and unselfish constructive action.
  • A spiritual awakening is believed to develop slowly over time.

In a 12 Step program, it is usually recommended that individuals who share the same type of substance abuse problems attend meetings together. Moreover, it is usually also recommended that individuals find sponsors, or people who are farther along in the program, to guide them in their efforts. The responsibility of the sponsor is to help the individual to recover from the problems that originally brought them into the 12 Step program.

The 12 Step program can be an integral part of you or your loved one’s addiction recovery efforts at Chapters Capistrano. Contact us to find out more information about how a 12 Step program can be incorporated into your addiction treatment.

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