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Orange County Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment Center

Dual diagnosis inpatient treatment centers treats both addiction to drugs or alcohol and mental disorders at the same time. Oftentimes addiction to drugs and/or alcohol can lead to mental health disorders, so if you find yourself struggling with addiction to any substance you should consider looking into inpatient dual diagnosis treatment programs in Orange County, California. It’s a fact that if you suffer from any form of mental health disorders you are at a higher risk of developing a drug or alcohol addiction. The numbers show that 7.9 million people in the United States have co-occurring mental health disorders in conjunction with their substance use disorder issues, according to a 2014 national survey.

If you’re in need of a dual diagnosis facility don’t let society point the finger and tell you you’re a bad person. Oftentimes people will look down upon you as if mental health disorders and addiction are negative characteristic that you “did to yourself”, at a dual diagnosis treatment center no one will look down on you, we’re here to help! We only have one goal in mind, help you overcome your addiction and get your life back on track. If you’re ready to take control of your dual diagnosis and take charge of your life look no further, Chapters Capistrano is here.

Some of the Common Disorders Addressed at a Dual Diagnosis Recovery Treatment Center

Living with both an addiction to drugs or alcohol and having a mental health condition at the same time can be extremely difficult and a heavy burden to bear. This is the reasoning for dual diagnosis recovery, to help people overcome occurring disorders. When you continue to use drugs or alcohol not only will your addiction continue to get worse, but so will your mental health issues. Some of the more common mental health issues that dual diagnosis recovery centers will treat include:

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Depression
  • Personality Disorders
  • Bipolar Disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders

These are just a few examples of some of the disorders that are addressed at a dual diagnosis treatment facility. Top treatment centers like Chapters Capistrano won’t stop helping you once you leave our facility. We make sure to do everything in our power to help you continue a long life of sobriety and we make sure to point you in the right direction every step of the way for further guidance with you mental disorder upon leaving our facility.

Does Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers and Rehab Really Work?

If you don’t seek treatment for a mental health disorder and substance addiction at the same time then you are putting your future sobriety at risk. Dual diagnosis treatment has been proven to help people overcome their addictions to drugs and/or alcohol while also overcome and learning to control their mental health disorders. These treatment centers show you how you can take control of these mental health disorders so you can control these emotions and thoughts so they don’t lead you back down the path or using drugs and alcohol. Hands down one of the best ways for you to continue to stay clean after recovery treatment is to attend aftercare meetings and support group meetings. Beating addiction is about overcoming and building a plan for future sobriety, but more importantly, sticking to that plan. Sobriety is one of the hardest things you’ll ever work for, but once you achieve it it’s yours for life. It’ll allow you to fulfill your dreams and live a happier, healthier life.

Are alcohol and drugs ruining your life?

We have taken the necessary precautions to minimize the risk of exposure and transmission of the Coronavirus to those in our treatment programs, allowing them to focus on their recovery.

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The Most Affordable Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Orange County, California

It’s a common belief that going to the best dual diagnosis treatment centers would be expensive. That’s not always the case, our treatment facility is one of the best in the country and offers top quality treatment at an affordable price which is hard to beat. Surprisingly treatment can be extremely affordable at our affordable dual diagnosis treatment centers with the help of your insurance. Oftentimes your insurance will cover most, if not all of the cost associated with rehab. Addiction takes a massive toll on the body, it’s cheaper and easier to treat the problem now rather than paying an even bigger price for it later. If you’d like more information on how the top dual diagnosis treatment centers can help you, call Chapters Capistrano today. We accept countless insurance plans and our specialist can work with you to find out how we can best help you. You CAN overcome addiction and learn to control you mental illness, we’re here to help!

Sometimes, drug or alcohol addiction is a disease that exists entirely on its own, independent from any other maladies or disorders. In many cases, though, clients come to us suffering from addiction as well as addition to other, pre-existing conditions. This can make diagnosis and treatment all the more complicated, yet at Chapters Capistrano we take an immersive, holistic approach to addiction recovery and care. We proudly offer a dual diagnosis approach to drug and alcohol treatment, which means we are happy to work with those who are suffering from depression, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or a related condition, in conjunction with substance abuse.

Our Approach

Our approach encompasses these conditions, and we can offer a number of treatment options that work well with mental and emotional disorders—including individual sessions, group sessions, selective drug therapy, and more. Of course, our drug and alcohol addiction treatments are all individualized. We strive to provide the solutions and care that each client needs in order to find healing, hope, and recovery. If you’re looking for dual diagnosis treatment centers California then you’ve found the right place, contact Chapters today to talk to one of our counselors who are full of knowledge and are standing by to take your call.

Not all drug and alcohol rehab facilities take this approach. Drug and alcohol abuse can induce symptoms that are gravely similar to those associated with mental illness—making it hard to distinguish between diseases. At Chapters, we believe that the diagnosis of primary psychiatric conditions is essential, though not possible outside of sobriety.

Our dual diagnosis facility offers a number of benefits:

  • Flexible approaches to treatment, including varying lengths of stay, religious and irreligious treatment methods, 12-step and non-12-step programs, etc.
  • Full, professionally-supervised on-site detox.
  • Private rooms with full amenities and comforts.
  • Cellphone and laptop accessibility, allowing our clients to remain connected to the outside world.
  • A beautiful, oceanfront facility and tranquil settings—the perfect environment in which to focus on your health and sobriety.
  • Our caring and compassionate professionals are fully dedicated to see you make a full recovery—to see you move past the shackles of addiction while also receiving the help you need for other, co-existing conditions.

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