Flexibility in Length of Stay at Our Addiction Rehabilitation Center

For some clients, the sanctuary of a private room is what is needed to reflect, read, meditate, and build a solid foundation toward sobriety. However, this foundation should never be cut short. That’s why the length of your stay is entirely up to you.

  • We are proud to offer private rooms, but also have some shared rooms available for those who might benefit from having a roommate.
  • Our approach to treatment is flexible, and includes a range of recovery paradigms—including some non-12-step options.
  • Indeed, Chapters offers a range of therapy services and counseling, from dedicated and fully-licensed counselors, marriage and family counselors, and addiction specialists—including intensive, one-on-one services.
  • On-site detox is available as part of a longer treatment or standalone week-long or two-week program. Having detox available on our premises is a major convenience for clients.
  • Our facility is computer and cellphone friendly, meaning clients can stay connected to their families and lives in the outside world.
  • Chapters proudly provides clients with a luxurious, oceanfront facilitymaking for a perfectly scenic and tranquil place to get healthy and sober.
  • We happily provide transparent, upfront pricing.

In short, Chapters customizes everything to meet the client’s needs. As for the length of your stay, our Admissions Director and counselor will take the time on the first phone call to assess what length of stay makes the most sense for you or a loved one.

To discuss our flexible length of stay policy, contact us.

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