Dr. Christian Small

Medical Director - Medical Team

Dr. Small is uniquely qualified to treat both medical and mental health conditions. His professional experience encompasses General Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry and Family Medicine.

He completed his medical and psychiatric training at UCSD. He holds Board Certification by the American Boards of Psychiatry, Preventative Medicine (Addictions) and Family Medicine. He personally trains and mentors the best mental health providers in the treatment industry.

Teresa Aragona

Executive Director

Teresa Aragona has worked in the treatment industry going on seven years. She is the Director of Operations for California facilities, Monarch Shores and Chapters Capistrano. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications with a minor in Cultural Studies.

Currently pursuing a CADAC and completing in 2023. As part of working in treatment field, Teresa has worked hard to lead the team in client care and staff retention. She resides in San Juan Capistrano with her family and enjoys yoga and weekend getaways to the desert.

Manuel Perez

Vice President of Operations

Manuel Perez has extensive background helping clients in the medical field and healthcare industry. He got his associates certification in clinical research in 2005 and also got certified as a medical assistant and an E.M.T. He did his internship at Costal Community hospital of Tustin and has also done numerous clinical research studies for big pharmaceutical companies helping patients find medication to help deal with Mental illness, Autism, PTSD, Bipolar, Depression.

He has been working in treatment since 2012 and has helped over 3000 clients fight their addiction and begin their journey in sobriety. He takes a lot of pride and is passionate about making a difference in peoples life’s.

Chad Daugherty

CEO - Operation Staff

Chad is a certified alcohol and drug counselor (CADC II) with over a decade of experience working in the field of recovery. Chad’s optimistic approach is individualized and creative to help each client reestablish exactly who they truly are, work towards finding peace, and perfect self expression.

Chad believes in instilling the confidence needed to face the many challenges ahead with emphasis on meditation, spirituality, and learning to give back to the community.

Medical disclaimer:

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