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Pool House

Chapters Capistrano Pool House
Located in San Clemente, Orange County


Nestled in the peaceful hills of San Clemente, Orange County, our Pool house offers a similar treatment program to our Oceanfront location. Both locations offer five-star accommodations with a robust array of amenities. Our Pool House is a bit smaller, and more intimate, with a maximum capacity of six clients.

Given the relatively small number of clients, our staff-to-client ratio is high, meaning our clients receive the attention and help they deserve. Our Pool House location is strongly focused on individual, one-on-one therapy. Our clients will have weekly sessions with a therapist and counselor. Throughout the week, clients will also participate in numerous adjunct therapies and client outings, including art therapy, visits to our five-star athletic club partner, therapeutic massages, acupuncture, nutrition counseling, and equine therapy.

Additionally, the home has a beautiful pool on the property, which can be utilized both as a calm therapist/client setting for sessions and a relaxing sanctuary for our clients during down time. Finally, given that Chapters is a 100 percent holistic program, we place great emphasis on nutrition and preparation of delicious meals. Our professionally trained culinary team will prepare three nutritious and appealing meals daily.Chapters_Pool-0619

Some specific features of this campus include:

Focused One-on-One Therapy – Our experience and research reveals that the best treatment outcomes occur when our clients receive significant one-on-one time with our professionals, which our clients do receive at both of our locations.

Small Client Base & Private Rooms – The maximum occupancy at our Pool House is six clients, with four of the six beds in a private setting with a private bathroom.

Flexible Treatment Approach – It is well known that most of the treatment addiction industry is based on the 12 step philosophy. At Chapters, we offer 12 step meetings, but they are not mandatory. Many of our clients find the path to recovery through attending other types of meetings, such as Christian and/or SMART Recovery. Through their  participation in intensive individual therapy and counseling during their stay, our clients develop and implement a solid aftercare plan that sets them on the path to recovery.

Length of Stay Flexibility – The typical length of stay at treatment centers is 30 days. We understand that different types of addictions and other life factors, may not make a standard 30-day stay feasible, or necessary. Some of our clients stay just a few weeks with us. Others have spent up to a year. The critical point is that the client takes that first step towards recovery.

Poolside Location – This location is fortunate to have a serene pool area, which serves as a soothing environment for therapy and family sessions, and a relaxing place for our clients to spend downtime.

Nutritious, Gourmet Recovery Menu – Given that Chapters is a 100 percent holistic program, we place great emphasis on nutrition and preparation of delicious meals. Our professionally trained culinary team will prepare three delectable meals each day. We invite you to take a look at our sample menu on our Admissions page.

On Site Detox – Typically, detox is undergone at different location before a client is brought to a treatment center. This is not our practice. All of our detoxes are completed on site in the room where the client will be for his/her entire stay. We feel that this promotes a greater peace of mind and level of comfort with clients.

Cell & Laptop Friendly – Chapters is not a lock-down facility. We allow our clients to keep in contact with the outside world through an inclusive laptop and cell phone policy.

Transparent Pricing – There are no hidden fees or costs at either of our beautiful locations, and there are no financial surprises upon arrival.

The road to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is a true journey, and it’s not one that anyone should undertake alone. At Chapters Capistrano, we want you to know that we have your best interests at heart, and are pleased to partner with you on your journey. We believe that our compassionate and caring approach is ideal for helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle—and ultimately, to enjoy a life marked by real freedom.

We respect all of our clients as individuals: we know there is more to you than your addiction. You may feel as though your addiction is a big part of who you are, but it does not define you. You have a life to lead and dreams to fulfill, and Chapters Capistrano wants to help you reach those dreams.

Our mission is simple: We want to provide you with a customized recovery program that meets all your needs. Whether you want a private detox experience, or to reclaim your life after hitting “rock bottom,” we want to help you.

There is hope and healing for those in the throes of addiction. Located in Orange County, Southern California, the experts at Chapters Capistrano are here to help you take those first steps toward recovery. Keep exploring our website for more information, or call us now to ask any questions. We are available around the clock at 949-371-4198.