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Oceanfront House

San Clemente Rehab Center


Chapters’ Oceanfront facility is located in quiet San Clemente, Orange County California. The town of San Clemente is known for its quiet, private beaches. The spectacular views and soothing setting of our oceanfront facility make for the best treatment outcomes, in our quiet, beautiful, intimate environment.

Our ocean house is intimate compared to other luxury programs, with a maximum capacity of six clients. All six rooms are private, an important feature for clients who value downtime and need space for self-reflection. With our high staff-to-client ratio, Chapters delivers therapeutically intensive one-on-one work with our individual therapist, marriage and family therapist, counselor, psychiatrist, and detox specialist, in addition to group sessions.

Given that we are truly a holistic program, adjunct therapies, activities, and nutrition are all important parts of our treatment program. During a typical week, clients will participate in numerous adjunct therapies, including visits to our five-star athletic club partner five times a week, therapeutic massages, acupuncture, nutrition counseling, and more. Equine therapy is available monthly. On the weekends, clients usually need a break from the week’s intense therapy and counseling. As such, each weekend we integrate enjoyable activities such as whale watching, fishing trips, museum/landmark visits, shopping trips, and more. Finally, addiction typically leads to less than desirable nutrition. Chapters places great emphasis on preparing great, nutritious meals three times a day, incorporating only the freshest ingredients.

Some specific features of this facility include:

Shell_Only One-on-One Therapy – To get to the root causes of  addiction, intensive one-on-one counseling is a critical first step. Our clients have multiple therapy sessions weekly, in addition to working with our marriage and family therapist, addiction doctor or psychiatrist, and counselors.

Shell_Only Private Rooms & Small Client Base – A smaller, more intimate, therapeutically intensive atmosphere produces effective treatment outcomes. Chapters’ Oceanfront location has a maximum capacity of six clients and six rooms, each one private.CC_7

Shell_Only Flexible Treatment Approach – Chapters does not believe that a single treatment approach necessarily works for every client. We help lead clients to their most effective approach. While we offer 12 step meetings, attendance is not mandatory. Often, a combination of individual therapy, non-12 step meetings (SMART Recovery, Christian), and 12 step meetings can prove to be the best path for recovery.

Shell_Only Flexible Length of Stay – Our average length of stay at Chapters is more than 30 days. However, we do not have a “policy,” or maximum time frame. Depending on the duration and depth of substance abuse, a client’s length of stay can be quite long. Alternatively, for a client who has recently relapsed after a period of extended sobriety, the length of stay may be shorter. Our Admissions Director will work with you to determine the most desirable time frame for your needs.

Shell_Only Oceanfront Location – The environment at a treatment center is an important component to early sobriety. Several decks overlooking the Pacific Ocean and a hot tub provide a very soothing and therapeutic venue, helping our clients begin the journey toward recovery.

Shell_Only Nutritious Recovery Menu – One of the by-products of addiction is usually a lack of proper nutrition. At Chapters, we go to great lengths to plan our menus to offer our clients nutritious, great-tasting meals three times a day, using only the freshest ingredients.

Shell_Only On Site Detox – We conduct all detox on-site, in the room where the client will be for their entire stay. Clients spend an extended amount of time with our detox specialist after arrival. This way, you can ease naturally from detox to recovery.

Shell_Only Cell & Laptop Friendly – After the initial detox process is complete, clients are able to communicate with family, friends, and employers, through our open cell-and-laptop friendly policy. We’re not a “lock-down” facility.

Shell_Only Upfront Pricing – The cost for treatment will be very clear before you arrive: there are no hidden surprises or costs.

No two people ever have the exact same path to recovery, but one thing is consistent: It is not a path you can walk alone. At Chapters Capistrano, we are committed to walking that path with you, guiding and supporting you on your own road to a healthier lifestyle.

We know that our clients are all unique people, and there is more to them than their addiction. You have a life to lead and goals to fulfill, and we are excited to partner with you as you seek a way forward out of addiction’s snare.

Thus, at Chapters Capistrano, our mission is simple: We seek to provide our clients with a customized recovery program that meets needs. Maybe you just need to realign yourself to recovery after a brief relapse. Maybe you have hit rock bottom, and are seeking treatment for the first time. Whatever the scenario, we will personalize our treatment offerings to give you what you need to successfully recover.

For those currently struggling with addiction, know that there is hope. Chapters Capistrano is here for you. To learn more, we invite you to continue exploring our website; or, call us today. We are available around the clock at 949-371-4198.