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Dual Diagnosis Rehab Center

Sometimes, drug or alcohol addiction is a disease that exists entirely on its own, independent from any other maladies or disorders. In many cases, though, clients come to us suffering from addiction in addition to other, pre-existing conditions. This can make diagnosis and treatment all the more complicated, yet at Chapters Capistrano we take an immersive, holistic approach to addiction recovery and care. We proudly offer a dual diagnosis approach to drug and alcohol treatment, which means we are happy to work with those who are suffering from depression, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or a related condition, in conjunction with substance abuse.

Our approach encompasses these conditions, and we can offer a number of treatment options that work well with mental and emotional disorders—including individual sessions, group sessions, selective drug therapy, and more. Of course, our drug and alcohol addiction treatments are all individualized. We strive to provide the solutions and care that each client needs in order to find healing, hope, and recovery. If you’re looking for dual diagnosis treatment centers California then you’ve found the right place, contact Chapters today to talk to one of our counselors who are full of knowledge and are standing by to take your call.

Not all drug and alcohol rehab facilities take this approach. Drug and alcohol abuse can induce symptoms that are gravely similar to those associated with mental illness—making it hard to distinguish between diseases. At Chapters, we believe that the diagnosis of primary psychiatric conditions is essential, though not possible outside of sobriety.

Our dual diagnosis facility offers a number of benefits:

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