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What is SMART Recovery?

What is SMART Recovery?

by Josh, June 26, 2017

Learning about SMART Recovery Programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are frequently based on religion and Christianity. While many programs will give people the ability to choose the deity they honor during treatment, that isn’t always the case. For those interested in completely avoiding religion, SMART Recovery … Continue reading

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Seasonal Affective Disorder: SAD

by Josh, June 23, 2017

Much of the northern half of the United States faces long periods of snow and cold weather. During this season, there are plenty of annoying tasks that are made even worse because it’s so freaking cold out. From shoveling the driveway, to taking down Christmas lights, to even scraping off … Continue reading

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How Anonymous is Your Information in Rehab?

by Josh, June 22, 2017

Attending rehab leaves a ton of questions on the table, and finding the answers is often tiring and quite frustrating. One of the many worries people have is how private their information is. If it’s not private, then what are the odds friends, employers, and family could find out about … Continue reading

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Drinking and Sexual Performance

by Josh, June 21, 2017

For hundreds of years, the correlation between sexual performance and intoxication have been discussed. For example, Shakespeare himself wrote long monologues purely about sexual performance and drinking. Here is an excerpt from Macbeth: Drinking turns your nose red, it puts you to sleep, and it makes you urinate. Lust it … Continue reading

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Dealing with Suicidal Tendencies

by Josh, June 20, 2017

Since 13 Reasons Why hit Netflix, teenagers and suicide have been all the rage. Many people have criticized the show for glorifying suicide, however. The show is about a teenager who commits suicide and leaves 13 tapes behind blaming others for her death. Unfortunately, suicide is very real and it’s … Continue reading

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PTSD and Addiction: Are they Related?

by Josh, June 19, 2017

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is characterized by extreme anxiety, flashbacks, and intrusive memories. A leading cause of PTSD is war. Seeing people suffer every day and having the knowledge that at any moment, a bomb could blow or people start shooting. Seeing people die and living in horrid conditions … Continue reading

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Finding Sober Friends

by Josh, June 16, 2017

After completing a rehab program, there are many problems that can evolve. While the incredible task of beating an addiction and taking a step forward in recovery, it’s also a very difficult moment in a person’s life. Once out of treatment, it’s difficult to find friends. It’s also difficult to … Continue reading

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The New Alcoholics: Young People and Hand Sanitizer

by Josh, June 15, 2017

Imagine the taste of the Purell hand sanitizer. It likely burns the tongue just like it burns nostrils if it’s sniffed too close. What’s absolutely crazy is that there are teenagers that are drinking hand sanitizer in some form as a way to get drunk. It’s extremely harmful and there … Continue reading

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A Terrifying Drug: Krokodil

by Josh, June 14, 2017

Russia is in the headlines for their election tampering in the U.S., but something that has been swept under the rug is their drug use. The most devastating of these drugs is desomorphine, also known as krokodil. It’s a street drug that is somewhat common in Russia. It’s also an … Continue reading

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Meth: A History

by Josh, June 13, 2017

A German lab created amphetamines in 1887. At first, it was named phenylisopropylamine by Lazăr Edeleanu, a Romanian chemist. It was originally used to deal with a wide range of medical conditions. But it was never really popularized as having medical use during the 1800s. A Japanese chemist took the … Continue reading

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