Flexible Treatment Approach

Flexible Treatment Approach

There is no wrong way to get sober, and we believe that treatment should be tailored to each client. The recovery process is different for every individual, so an addiction treatment plan should be tailored specifically.

While drug and alcohol treatment centers are often based on the 12-Step philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous, you may choose your preferred treatment approach at Chapters. Many prefer the 12-Step philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous, but for others, different treatment modalities (or a combination of several) prove to be the winning formula for sobriety. At Chapters, you have the option of choosing a 12-Step, or Non 12-Step approach to treatment. We are equipped to introduce clients to AA, and have optional meetings during the week.

We are proud to provide these features:

Shell_Only Six private rooms to ensure that those who wish to approach recovery with privacy and solitude are able to do so.

Shell_Only As a laptop and cellphone-friendly facility, we permit clients to stay in touch with their friends and loved ones in the outside world.

Shell_Only Intensive, one-on-one counseling sessions with professionals best equipped to meet your needs are provided. Whether that means addiction specialists, marriage and family counselors, general therapists, or a psychiatrist, your therapy needs will be tailored to you.

Shell_Only Detox at Chapters can be completed as a part of a longer treatment or through a standalone 1-2 week detox program, depending on your specific needs.

Shell_Only A flexible length of stay is provided. Though 30-45 days is typical, we are pleased to work with clients to develop a plan both convenient and effective for you. If you are in need of seven days of detox, or a lengthier, 90 day stay, we are open to your needs.

Shell_Only Our pricing is honest and upfront, with no hidden charges or secret costs.

Shell_Only Our facility at Chapters is accommodating, luxurious, with oceanfront views.

As a dual diagnosis facility, we treat co-occurring addiction and underlying conditions, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health disorders. We employ Cognitive Behavioral therapy, as well as introduce SMART Recovery, and AA to clients, depending on preference. Group sessions are an integral part of our treatment program, as are intensive one-on-one sessions with our psychiatrist, therapist and counselors. Through this personalized process, our clients can find the combination of treatment approaches that works best.

To discuss Chapters’ flexible treatment approach to drug and alcohol addiction, call one of our counselors today at 1-888-690-4900.

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