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7 & 14 Day Detox Treatment Programs

Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is important on every level—critical for your physical, mental, spiritual, and financial health. We recommend that our clients devote as much time as needed to truly get well, and feel as though they are making significant progress down the road to recovery. However, not everyone can go along with a long-term on-site detox program, but luckily Chapters Capistrano offers a specialized 7 day detox treatment plan.

How Does a 7 Day Detox Program Work?

While 30 days is the average length of stay at Chapters Capistrano, we still are proud to offer 7 and 14 day alcohol and drug detox programs for interested parties. These programs are expedited, but designed to provide a firm, sound foundation in recovery, and to allow individuals to move forward with confidence that they are on the right path.

You or a loved one will still receive the same quality of care, with a great deal of attention paid to your health, safety, and progress towards sobriety. Our medical staff will closely monitor how you’re responding to the withdrawal symptoms of your substance addiction for the week or two weeks in detox. It will also be very vital to be sure that there are no lingering urges to abuse drug or alcohol again.

We understand that some people are simply to busy or can’t afford a longer stay in our detox program, but that doesn’t mean you can’t receive help. Our full team of experienced staff offers direct comprehensive detox protocol, necessary for ridding the body of toxins and beginning the recovery process in earnest. This way you can start your life of sobriety while also returning to your normal everyday life outside of treatment.

Some reasons to consider our week- or two-week-long detox programs:

All of it is done on-site, which is more convenient for our patients. If you choose to stay in our facilities longer, you don’t have to go anywhere!

  • We try to keep patients comfortable with an executive assisted detox, and utilize non-addictive medications to keep withdrawal pains minimal.
  • Highly-experienced professionals oversee the entire process, ensuring safety and overall good health—not just a “quick fix.”
  • We have a 24/7 staff available to provide monitoring and care.
  • We offer fully private rooms for all guests, saving those who specifically request to have roommates.
  • Our oceanfront facility is peaceful and quiet—an ideal place to focus on detox and recovery.
  • Learn more about our private, executive detox program: Contact Chapters Capistrano today at 949-371-4198.

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What Chapters Capistrano Has to Offer


Chapters Private Rooms

Private rooms and a small client base allow our patients to focus on sobriety and health on their own individual terms. Our maximum occupancy is six clients at a time, and our spacious facility makes our environment inviting for those who desire a more secluded setting for recovery.


One on One therapy

Our individualized treatment services are tailored specifically to each of our clients. We’ll develop your individual plan to include services you prefer, including spiritual or non-spiritual approaches, personal or group sessions, 12-step or non-12-step programs, and much more.


Chapters Capistrano Flexible length of stay

Though 30 days is the average, we know that some clients may need more or less time in treatment. We are always happy to accommodate based on individual treatment needs. Whether you’re in need of 7 days of detox or 90 days of treatment, our schedule is open to you.

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