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Luxury Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center in Orange County, California

Living in the grip of addiction can make you feel hopeless, and watching a loved one struggle against alcohol or drugs can be just as devastating.
But hope and healing is within your reach. A journey to recovery begins when you call Chapters Capistrano, an Orange County Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center that offers an affordable, effective, and truly luxurious avenue for healing and wholeness.

We offer a peaceful environment with many amenities and comforts, tied into our comprehensive program that is strongly focused on health and treatment. We strive to provide a drug and alcohol rehab facility in which every individual who stays with us can find healing and hope.

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What we offer at Chapters Capistrano, the premier Orange County rehab center


Chapters Private Rooms

Private rooms and a small client base allow our patients to focus on sobriety and health on their own individual terms. Our maximum occupancy is six clients at a time, and our spacious facility makes our environment inviting for those who desire a more secluded setting for recovery.


On site detox treatment

Detox can be the most intimidating part of the recovery process for any recovering addict. We offer convenient and confidential detox in our 12,000 square foot facility, with support from experienced addiction specialists to ensure that the entire process is as quick, painless, and effective as possible.


One on One therapy

Our individualized treatment services are tailored specifically to each of our clients. We’ll develop your individual plan to include services you prefer, including spiritual or non-spiritual approaches, personal or group sessions, 12-step or non-12-step programs, and much more.


Chapters Capistrano Pricing

We clearly detail your recovery package, leaving no important details out of the picture. Though our gorgeous beachfront facilities are popular, our pricing is clear and straightforward. We believe in transparency with our guests, from the very moment you consider Chapters for addiction treatment.


Chapters Capistrano Flexible length of stay

Though 30 days is the average, we know that some clients may need more or less time in treatment. We are always happy to accommodate based on individual treatment needs. Whether you’re in need of 7 days of detox or 90 days of treatment, our schedule is open to you.



Healing from addiction should be a comprehensive experience that includes exercise, rest and relaxation, therapy, proper nutrition, and more. We offer deluxe services and amenities in all of these categories, as we view recovery as a comprehensive process, with many crucial factors to consider.



When it comes to alcoholism, our clients go through recovery programs that focus on alcohol abuse, gets to the root of their drinking problem, and leads them to sobriety. With the help of our on-site detox program, personalized treatment, and certified staff, a life without alcohol abuse is within your grasp.



Drug abuse and addiction comes in various forms, but we’re equipped to treat them all. Whether it’s a prescription drug like Adderall and Xanax, or illicit drugs like cocaine or  heroin, our staff can craft individual treatment to meet client needs.

At Chapters Capistrano, your path to sobriety can begin today. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 949-371-4198. Get in touch!

Find Out if You Can Attend Chapters Capistrano at a Reduced Cost

We will work with your health insurance provider so that you can enjoy treatment, and all you have to do is verify your insurance with us.

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