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Meth: A History

by Josh, June 13, 2017

A German lab created amphetamines in 1887. At first, it was named phenylisopropylamine by Lazăr Edeleanu, a Romanian chemist. It was originally used to deal with a wide range of medical conditions. But it was never really popularized as having medical use during the 1800s. A Japanese chemist took the … Continue reading

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Predators Can Drink

by Josh, June 12, 2017

Five Nashville Predators fans have brought the Stanley Cup celebrations to a new level. For the first Stanley Cup game in Nashville history, five friends met at Rippy’s near the Predators stadium. Over the course of 12 hours, the group drank 115 beers (23 beers per person) and 13 shots. … Continue reading

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Drug Use in Esports

by Josh, June 9, 2017

As computers, games, and the internet have increased in popularity, so has something known as esports. Many teenagers use computers to battle each other in many different video games. Some rather popular games are League of Legends, DOTA 2, Halo, Starcraft II, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). There are … Continue reading

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Drug Addicts and Clean Needles

by Josh, June 8, 2017

Underneath a microscope, a used needle is frayed and tainted. It’s jagged and can rip the skin instead of just piercing it. A new needle is sharp, crisp, and clean. It can pierce the skin without ripping or getting caught on anything. It would make sense that a person would … Continue reading

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Color Psychology and Recovery

by Josh, June 7, 2017

Colors are all around us. From the blue sky to the brown wood floors and even to the dirty and grime that grows on a toilet in an unclean house. Many of these colors evoke emotions, such as the bright summer sky or the gloominess of a snowy day. The … Continue reading

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How Acupuncture Helps in Rehab

by Josh, June 5, 2017

History is full of barbaric tortures that includes some of the most disgusting things people can dream up. What’s odd, is that some things that might be thought of as torture are actually a helpful and relaxing practice. Acupuncture sounds like a barbaric torture. But it’s actually a rewarding traditional … Continue reading

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Drunkorexia: A College Fad

by Josh, June 2, 2017

One of the many staples of diets is not to drink calories, they’re a waste. Why consume hundreds of calories of soda when that could be conserved drinking water. This certainly rings true for alcohol also. Also is fueled with calories, which is worrying for many people. Especially college students. … Continue reading

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Quotes About Addiction

by Josh, June 1, 2017

When people think of Hollywood, they think of the stars that walk down Hollywood Boulevard. They think of the red carpet and the Oscars. What many people fail to realize is how rough working in Hollywood can be. There are long and stressful hours and there is the pressure to … Continue reading

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The South Korean Drinking Problem

by Josh, May 31, 2017

While Russians are often portrayed as the heartiest drinkers of liquor, surprisingly, they aren’t a match for South Korea. South Korea sits on the Korean peninsula that is near the north east border of China to Russia. It isn’t much of a boat ride between the two countries, but it’s … Continue reading

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