When you are finally ready to overcome an addiction, knowing what type of rehab to enter can be tough. There are public rehab and private rehab options. The private rehabs get funding from various private sources – some of that from the admission costs when someone enrolls into the program. There are financial incentives for delivering high-quality results. Most of the private rehabs have many financially based resources which allows them to offer many different types of treatments. With private rehabs, there is generally a lower staff-to-patient ratio as well. These rehabs may be more expensive, but the offerings in the programs is worth it for many.

Drug and alcohol rehabs have come far in the recent years and now people who suffer with an addiction have many treatment options available to them. For anyone who is trying to find a private rehab program, there are many facilities that offer high-quality, exclusive treatments which can help the individual develop a substance-free lifestyle.


What Are The Public Treatment Programs?

Public treatment options are state-funded. They get money from the government to offer addiction treatments to those who need it. Usually, these are only offered to those who reside in that state. These programs are designed for those who can’t pay for the entire addiction treatment program or can’t pay for any of it at all. Some people don’t have insurance to cover all the treatment costs, so public rehab programs can help with this. Public rehabs are provided at a lower cost than private rehabs, so a longer wait time may be needed before getting in. If someone needs immediate treatment, this may not be the ideal situation.

Some of the public rehabs have limitations on what types of treatments or how many treatments they are able to offer. Some public rehab centers can’t take as many patients because they don’t have enough staff members. In addition, some of the public rehabs don’t have doctors on staff, so they may not be able to offer certain treatments. Being that the public treatment programs get publicly funded, they have more budget restraints than private rehabs.

During 2011, the governor for Illinois had to cut funding for all of the drug rehab treatment and prevention programs. This had caused approximately 55,000 patients to lose treatment care. It had also caused approximately 32,000 pre-teens and teens to lose prevention programs.

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What Else Should Be Known About Private Rehab Programs?

The first thing to know about the private rehab programs is they are in operation to make a profit. The are motivated by finances which means they offer top notch treatments to get people to keep coming to the programs. They have the financial means to offer more treatment programs than a public rehab center. One of the main advantages for private rehabs is they have more staff to patients than public treatment centers. They also have doctors on staff and other professionals to offer care and supervision to the recovering addicts. With public rehabs, the staff-to-patient ratio is worse, so the staff are more exhausted and have to stretch their time between more patients. While private rehabs might have a waiting list, they may not be quite as bad as the public treatment centers.

Is There an Importance Of the Location for Rehab Centers?

Those who are getting rehab help have better chances of recovering if the environment they are in provides them the opportunity to create a healthier emotional and mental health state. Private treatment facilities are generally in the secluded locations, possibly in natural areas. This gives the recovering addicts peace, so they can heal. Many private rehabs look more like a resort than a treatment facility. Some extra programs offered at private facilities may include yoga, outdoor activities, swimming and massage therapy. These addiction treatments may help the recovering addicts physically and mentally.

The public rehabs may be in more urban locations such as in a noisy city. The space is generally more confined. This is not the case for all public rehabs, but is the case for most of them.

The location differences does often impact various aspects of recovery. When going to rehab in a secluded area, clients can take the time to process their addictive lifestyle and be away from the judgments of others in their town.

Does Money Really Matter When It Comes to Addiction Rehabs?

With public rehab center programs, the stay for patients is generally limited, due to what insurance companies will cover. To keep things fair between the insurance company and patients, substance abuse treatment providers can’t go over the coverage for conditions offered by that provider. This just means the rehab centers can’t allow the patient to stay for longer than the insurance will cover unless the patient is going to pay for it themselves.

With private rehab center programs, these constraints aren’t in place. The patients can receive treatment for as long as they can afford the program. For this reason, many private rehabs will allow for different payment options like sliding scales and payment plans. In addition, private rehab facilities are able to afford more creative treatment options. Some private rehabs hire acupuncturists, massage therapist or mediation leaders. They may also offer art, cooking or nature therapy. This gives the recovering addicts more options to express themselves. Some private rehabs even accommodate the loved ones of the addict. They may do this because involving the family is essential in encouraging successful recovery for the addict. This helps the addict and their loved ones to connect, bond and restore their relationships with each other.

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What Follow Up is Provided After a Rehab Stay?

Private rehab facilities will invest in the patient’s long-term care. These rehab centers have more resources to follow-up with the recovering addicts. They may have regular times for doing this after the patient leaves the program. Some recovering addicts may come back for office visits, group meetings or interviews to see how they are doing. The public rehabs may encourage aftercare, but may not keep in touch like the private rehabs do. This is due to the financial restraints of the public rehabs.

It is helpful for the rehab center staff to keep in contact with the recovering addicts. Support groups are an excellent way to do this. Public rehabs may talk about this, but the private rehabs are better at following through with it. In fact, the private rehab centers may make follow up care part of the recovering addict’s treatment program. This keeps the link going between the rehab center and the patients. Those who are new in recovery often need this link to help themselves stay accountable.

What About Privacy For the Private Rehab Centers?

There are some other expectations you can have with private rehab centers as well. The food quality may be better than it is in public rehab centers. The amenities in different areas of the rehab center may be better private rehabs. The bedrooms may be cozier in the private treatment facilities. Recovering addicts may have private rooms rather than sharing. When dealing with the withdrawal symptoms, many recovering addicts want to have their privacy. They don’t want others in the rehab center seeing them in that state.

What Should Be Known About the Cost Of Private Rehab Centers?

Private rehab centers may seem like the best solution all-around, however, keep in mind the cost is much higher than with public rehabs. There are payment options for private rehabs to give you some relief for the cost. Its important to remember, you get what you are paying for and more money for a rehab stay may mean much higher quality services. While the private rehabs are often isolated and secluded, traveling their may not be possible for some.

Is Private Rehab Best For You?

After considering all the information above, how do you really know if private rehab is going to be best for you? One way to figure this out is by talking to addiction treatment professionals. You can ask the rehab center staff about the following:

  • Treatment option ranges

  • Offerings the rehab center has for you

  • Effort rehab center staff put into follow-up care

  • Programs offered for loved ones such as family therapy, transportation and accommodations

While private rehab centers are more expensive than public rehab options, but the treatment offerings can make all the difference in the world for someone who is recovering from an addiction. Sometimes it is all about how you receive the addiction treatment that matters. Knowing the rehab center staff is able to focus on your recovery and have the time for you that you need could make a difference.

If you have an alcohol or drug addiction, there are many treatment options you could choose from. For some people, public rehab options are just what they need. However, there are private rehab centers are available as well. The private rehab centers generally have more options with treatments and amenities. They are more secluded and offer more privacy than the public rehabs. This may be the course of treatment you need to have to fully recover from the addiction.

Don’t wait any longer to get the treatment you need for a drug or alcohol addiction. Ask any other questions you have about private or public rehab and enter the program that best fits your needs and wants in a treatment center.

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