Millions of addicts have been able to overcome their drug or alcohol addiction using 12 step addiction treatment programs. The 12 step programs give recovering addicts structure. They allow them to attend counseling and work through issues in their. By doing so, they are able to end the addictive cycle in their life and finally live a sober and recovering lifestyle. 12 step programs are the solution for many, but there are also other alternative addiction treatment programs by rehab centers offered as well.

Were you aware that nearly ¼ of the drug rehab centers are using non-12 step treatment programs? When thinking about recovery, there isn’t one program that fits everyone. Each recovering addict has their own needs when trying to overcome the addiction. 12 step treatment programs can be effective, however, that doesn’t mean they are right for you. When searching for alternative addiction treatment programs, here are some that you might find appropriate for your recovery. So let’s take a deeper look into these alternative addiction treatment programs that may be offered at an alternative addiction treatment center.


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What About Attending a SMART Recovery Program?

SMART Recovery was created in 1994. It is a nationwide, non-profit organization that offers individuals support groups for free. If someone wants to get free from an addictive lifestyle, SMART Recovery may be the way to do it. Those who attend this type of alternative addiction treatment program can learn recovery tools that are scientifically backed and created from four main principles:

  • Building and maintaining one’s motivation

  • Coping with one’s urges

  • Managing thoughts, behaviors and feelings

  • Living a more balanced lifestyle

These are the principles which help people learn how to make changes in their life and to create a positive lifestyle for themselves instead. The four main principles encourage people to become self-empowered. With the SMART Recovery program, someone must be willing to admit they have the power to make changes in their life.

In the SMART Recovery meetings, recovering addicts talk with each other, instead of talking to each other. This encourages better communication and connections. The SMART Recovery meetings can be held in a meeting place or online.

Will a Harm Reduction Program Help You?

Another one of the alternative addiction treatment programs is called harm reduction. This philosophy includes strategies which are practical for reducing higher-risk behaviors that lead to negative consequences. Most drug and alcohol addicts take part in a lot of higher-risk behaviors. The approach to this treatment is non-judgmental. If you aren’t clean and sober yet, that is alright. You can still attend the program and learn how to reduce those behaviors. In these programs, the dialogue is open. You and others can discuss risks that may be associated with your drug or alcohol sue. The discussion can be about what is causing the risks and what can be done to reduce the risks.

With the Harm Reduction addiction recovery program, it is best to be abstinent. However, the system is going to be supportive for all who want to reduce the harm that is caused by the higher-risk behaviors associated with drug use or drinking. The concept is quite controversial to the recovering community, mainly because it can promote drinking or drugging in moderation. However, reducing harm is better than not making any changes at all.

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Is Holistic Addiction Treatment an Option For You?

More and more rehab centers are starting to offer holistic addiction treatments. This type of treatment focuses on the body, mind and spirit of the addicted person. In these treatment programs, the belief is that addiction symptoms can’t be made less severe unless the addict starts working on making areas in their life better. Just becoming abstinent from drugs or alcohol isn’t enough to heal from the addiction and practice self-care. The holistic addiction treatment model takes the traditional therapy ideas and includes things such as acupuncture, animal therapy, music therapy, exercise therapy, nutrition therapy and meditation. The combination of these things helps addicts overcome their addiction and change their life for the better.

Will the Life Process Program Benefit You?

You have the option of the Life Process Program to overcome an addiction as well. Dr. Stanton Peele is the one who developed this program. He created it to be an alternative for programs like NA and AA. The program is based from the internet and is operated with a belief people aren’t powerless over an addiction. They don’t need to have a support group to overcome an addiction. There are the four basic parts to this program as well including:

  • Values and a purpose

  • Being motivated

  • Learning life skills and having real-life rewards

  • Building and mending of relationships and community

The program was started in the luxury rehab programs and later was created into an online program. People can get the program online and through phone coaching. The core of the Life Process Program is learning relapse prevention techniques. Another main part of this program is to teach people how to feel self-worthy, have better values in their life and to find their purpose in life as well.

Is Women For Sobriety Right For You?

Created during 1975, the Women for Sobriety program was the very first self-help program made national for the women who struggled with an addiction. There are more than 300 chapters over the entire United States. There is New Life program in the Women for Sobriety that uses Thirteen Acceptance Statements. These are like the 12 steps in that they address being powerless and needed to create spiritual and emotional growth. The Women for Sobriety groups are designed to have an average of 8 women in the groups, as well as having forums and online meetings too.

How to Decide Which of the Alternative Addiction Treatment Programs is Best for You?

There are many treatment programs available to all addicts including the alternative addiction treatment programs mentioned above. There are some of these programs which are controversial. However, it should also be noted that a program that works for one person may not work for another. Everyone is different in their own regard. As long as you have the education and knowledge needed, you can make the decision on which program might be best for you. If all else fails, you can do a trial and error. You may start one program and work on it, only to realize it doesn’t work well for you. At that point, you can try another one.

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