Memorial Day is a day on which we honor those who died fighting for our country and our freedom.  It is a time to reflect on the past and how far we have come. Freedom means something different to everyone. For those going through addiction treatment, their definition of “freedom” may change over time. As they embrace recovery, they may have newly found freedoms.

Freedom from reliance on drugs and alcohol

The most obvious of freedoms would be the freedom from using drugs and alcohol. Recovering addicts learn how to refocus their lives so that they are not reliant on these substances. With therapy, support, and the right plan in place, they are able to develop healthier coping strategies for life’s challenges. While temptation and cravings may arise, they have the strength to say no and redirect their attention to something more productive and beneficial. Their life no longer revolves around how to obtain these substances or the result of using.

Freedom from negative influences

Breaking away from destructive friendships and relationships can be very freeing. In order to maintain sobriety, people often need to make new friends and stop hanging out with those people who got them into trouble in the past. With new friends who support their healthier lifestyle, they are often faced with less temptation and pressure to use because their social circle has changed.

Freedom to explore new interests

In seeking sobriety and rebuilding their lives, people often engage in new activities and explore their interests. They have the time, energy, physical strength, and mental capacity to broaden their hobbies. Drugs and alcohol are no longer taking a toll on their body and preventing them from doing the things that they enjoy. Their physical, mental, and emotional health improve throughout treatment and this continues throughout their recovery. With improved health they can feel like a whole new person.

Freedom to start again

Abstaining from using drugs and alcohol gives people the freedom to start again. They are able to rebuild their lives, their relationships, their career, and their health. Recovery is a comprehensive process that involves overcoming past obstacles and learning new strategies to deal with challenges in the future. There are so many different components that all play a role.

Although no one can change their past, they can certainly learn from it and move on. It provides lessons and experiences that help people to grow and mature and decide what they want for the future. Freeing themselves from the grip of addiction can be very empowering and motivating. It is a new lease on life to make positive changes.

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