From alcohol to mind-altering drugs such as LSD and marijuana, many have found that—initially—illicit substances can be a way to unlock creativity. While discovering a new outlook on life and stimulating artistic perspective is certainly a way to pursue mental health and wellness, pursuing these results through drugs and alcohol, more often than not, will result in addiction.

The risks of using mind-altering substances to face challenges with a new viewpoint—especially for creative professionals—are diverse. Although some will discover a path to healing through addiction recovery, some who embrace these substances will face the ultimate consequence—fatality. For others, occasional use of mind-altering drugs can open up the desire to seek new highs.

While substance abuse is not new among musicians, thinkers, actors, artists and others who seek a new point of view, the trend is still increasingly disturbing. Only a few short months ago did we learn the heroin challenges that late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman faced, allowing many Americans to wake up to the fact that drugs are definitely not worth dying over, whether one is trying to escape reality or simply find a new perspective.

Healthy Ways to Find a New Perspective

In addiction recovery, many find motivation by exploring creativity and contemplating life from many different perspectives. Here are just a few ways that individuals can indulge their need for a new perception without turning to the devastating consequences of mind-altering drugs and other substances:

  • Try New Things

The world is full of many opportunities to experience new things outside of drugs and alcohol. Experimenting with new foods, learning about different cultures, traveling to exotic locations or trying a physical activity are all great ways to see life from a different angle. While some may have to reach out of their comfort zone to try new and healthy experiences, this exploration—when done in a safe manner—can be a great way to see what life has to offer beyond the day-to-day routine.

  • Take a Break

At Chapters Capistrano, we pride ourselves on providing an oceanfront atmosphere that allows our guests to explore addiction recovery in a relaxing getaway. Just as our facilities allow individuals to take a break and face challenges with greater clarity, individuals seeking a new perspective may find that taking a break from work and home life can be an inspiring experience.

Taking a trip, spending time outdoors, reading a book, turning off the Internet or spending a few short moments meditating can be all exceptional ways to take a break and explore life from many different viewpoints. If nothing more, taking a break and relaxing in a healthy fashion can be an exceptional way to relieve the stress that often fuels addiction cravings.

  • Form New Relationships

Family, friends and co-workers play such an important role in how we see and appreciate the world; however, sometimes existing relationships can be overwhelming and put pressure on us. While maintaining healthy relationships is a great way to establish a support system to face life’s challenges, it is worth considering reaching out and meeting new individuals.

Whether working on a project with a new co-worker, joining a community sports team or taking a creative class with others, there are always ways to make new friends. Even if these individuals do not make for lasting relationships, branching out and expanding a social circle is essential to see how others live life and view its many facets.

Finding a New Perspective Away From Addiction

While there are many ways to prevent addiction by pursuing a new viewpoint in life through healthy practices, there is great hope for those struggling with substance abuse to also discover a fresh perspective.

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