There are various reasons why people do drugs. If you ask 20 people why they do drugs, you may get 20 different answers. There are those who think people do drugs solely because they want to, but the reality is that many people don’t really want to do drugs. They continue to use drugs because they’ve become addicted to them or they’re getting some sort of what they perceive to be a benefit from using.

Why Do Young People Use Drugs?

Let’s start with the youth. Why would they use drugs? Here are some common reasons:

  • To experiment, as they’ve heard certain drugs provide euphoric feelings.
  • They think using drugs will make them “cool”.
  • They like the way drugs make them feel.
  • They like the way drugs make them not feel pain or misery.
  • To rebel against their parents.
  • To cope with boredom.

Granted, there are many youth who will experiment with alcohol and drugs. From marijuana to opioids to stimulants, the reality is that the youth will do their fair share of trying things out.

The problem with this is that some of them will end up experiencing negative consequences, including becoming physically addicted.

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Why Are Drugs Addictive?

In speaking of drugs, we’re speaking of any substance that causes a physiological change in the body when ingested, inhaled, smoked, or somehow absorbed into the body. There are various types of drugs, including prescription drugs like pain pills or anti-anxiety medications, illegal drugs like heroin or meth, and over-the-counter drugs like alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, and so on.

Drugs have an effect on the brain that a person can come to like. This is one reason drugs are addictive. For example, the student who wants to stay up all night cramming for a test may use the drug Adderall, which is a stimulant that boosts energy levels. The student may come to like this extra boost of energy and start abusing Adderall.

Likewise, the newly divorced man may be struggling immensely with emotional pain, so he drinks a lot of alcohol in an attempt to numb that pain. He comes to like the feeling of being numb and escaping his sad reality.

So, whether a person is using a drug as a stimulant or a depressant, they do so because they get something out of using it that they perceive as beneficial – even if it’s only a temporary benefit.

People Think Drugs Are Fun

Some people use drugs, including alcohol, because they feel like they have more fun when using. The woman who drinks while out in the bars in the evenings states that drinking makes her feel free and silly. She boasts about her ability to socialize well, attract men of her choosing, and party hard.

The man who uses pain pills to “chill out” and “space out” enjoys the feelings he gets while on pain pills. He claims he’s less stressed out and less angry while high on pills.

The teenager who smokes marijuana states the he feels like he fits in better when he’s high. He says he feels “normal” when smoking and agitated and anxious when he’s not.

Millions of people are claiming that they use drugs because drugs make them feel happier, yet they don’t tell you that they also feel addicted to these drugs. They feel powerless to stop using them. They wish they didn’t have to use anything to feel those euphoric feelings, and they begin to struggle with feeling happy feelings without drugs.

They get caught in an addictive cycle, and that cycle can eventually take them into the pits of darkness and despair. It might take a year, or it might take ten years, but the addiction to the drug(s) is progressive. The more often they use, the higher their tolerance becomes, and the more challenging it is to stop using the drugs.

How to Stop Using Drugs

Maybe you’ve become addicted to a drug. Maybe you’ve tried quitting several times to no avail. Surely this can become disheartening, as no one wants to be addicted to drugs.

You may wonder how to stop using drugs. You may wonder what treatment is available and if you need treatment. If so, should you attend an inpatient rehab or outpatient rehab? Is rehab necessary?

Good for you for beginning to do some research into treatment options for those addicted to drugs. Good news is that treatment is available. You don’t have to continue to struggle with drug addiction. Admitting your dependence on the drug and being willing to reach out for help is a wonderful start to freedom.

Freedom From Drug Addiction Is Possible

There are various paths to recovery from drug addiction. Some people find it helpful to attend an inpatient rehab, where they spend about a month at a treatment facility to learn about addiction and life without drugs. Others may attend an outpatient treatment facility, going to several classes a week.

Still others may attend 12 Step groups like Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous, or go to counseling for a while. Your recovery path will be individually yours, doing what works for you.

If you’re struggling with an addiction to drugs, reach out for help today. You don’t have to continue to struggle, as substance abuse professionals are more than willing to help you navigate your recovery. Addiction is treatable, so take heart that you can get to the other side of your addiction and begin enjoying life without a dependence on drugs.

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