finding information about attending rehabAs with any other facility, rehabilitation centers have their individual policies for those seeking treatment. Most of them have a recommended checklist of things you have to bring, along with those items that are not allowed.

Preparing for Rehab Check-In

Entering a rehab can be one of the most life-changing decisions one can ever make. For a person struggling with addiction, deciding to check into rehab is an admirable and brave thing to do.

This seemingly simple act requires mental and emotional preparation. Likewise, the individual has to be ready to learn, embrace new ideas, and have an ardent desire to change for the better.

If you or a loved one is about to enter rehab, make sure you consider the following checklist. You might be surprised to note that this act of preparation – sorting and packing – is the first step on your road to recovery.

What to Bring

Rehab facilities are supposed to promote an environment conducive to healingHowever, that determination to heal and recover from addiction rests with the individual. That said, one of the best ways to encourage recovery is respecting the facility’s policies, among which is choosing the appropriate clothes to wear while there.

You will be advised to wear simple and comfortable garments that are apt for the weather/season. Whenever possible, you should avoid wearing graphic tees and blouses with drug, sex or violence inspired prints. For women, leave suggestive clothing behind, as they can be seen as indecent and flirty, and men can consider fitted clothing for the same reason.

Other suggested garments to pack for a rehab center stay include:

  1. Comfortable shirts/blouses that are appropriate for the season and weather

  2. Comfortable shoes for physical exercise, slippers, shower shoes, and other necessary footwear

  3. Undergarments

  4. Other accessories such as belts

  5. One or two “special occasion” outfits

  6. Personal hygiene items (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc)

  7. Motivational books or useful magazines for idle hours

  8. Family photos/albums for your motivation and inspiration

  9. Medicines in unopened original bottles or blister packs, along with your doctor’s prescription

  10. IDs (driver’s license, company ID, passport, insurance cards, etc)

  11. A notebook or journal to document your rehab journey

Other things you may want to bring just in case are the following:

  1. Laundry supplies (detergent, fabric conditioner, etc)

  2. Extra cash for emergency purchases or vending machines

  3. Calling cards

  4. List of names and contact details of relatives, friends, health care professionals and others you want to be involved in your treatment

  5. Jewelry that you consider necessities (wedding ring, sentimental necklace, etc)

  6. An alarm clock (optional)

  7. Towels and linens (optional)

What Not to Bring

On the other hand, the following items should not be brought inside the rehab facility:

  1. Unnecessary jewelry

  2. Large amounts of cash

  3. Pornographic books or magazines

  4. Prohibited drugs

  5. Any kind of alcoholic beverage.

  6. Toiletries with alcohol content (mouthwash, rubbing alcohol, etc)

  7. Dangerous weapons (guns, knives, other sharp objects, etc)

  8. Personal foods and drinks (let rehab facilitators know if you are on a special diet due to a medical condition, or otherwise)

  9. Cigarettes

  10. Nail polish

  11. Aerosols / sprays

  12. Gambling / playing cards

  13. Candles / incense

  14. Sporting equipment

You may notice that some items such as game cards and video games are prohibited. This is to limit distractions from your complete recovery. And, though some rehab facilities offer online video games as a form of treatment, at times these may cause more harm than good.

The same goes for food and beverages which may seem harmless enough. Most rehab facilities want to promote a low-sugar and caffeine-free environment.

Finding a Reliable Rehab Facility

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