Dabbing is a popular new way to use marijuana that has negative effects that users are usually not aware of. THC can be extracted from a marijuana plant in an oil form that is then evaporated into a wax-like substance that can be smoked or vaped. This wax can be made into a hard substance known as shatter. The shatter form can then be heated on a hot surface and vaporized and inhaled in what is called a dab rig, with the smoking process known as dabbing.

The effects of dabbing are that the concentrated marijuana provides a more intense mental and physical effect. The THC content when dabbing can start as low as 60% and go as high as 90%. This higher concentration has negative effects that users need to be aware of or they will face serious consequences.

Possible Increased Cancer Risk

While users of marijuana are turning to dabbing for a more intense high, they may be at risk of cancer, due to exposure to toxins. Portland State University conducted research on dabbing and found that the vapor contains carcinogenic substances such as benzene and methacrolein. During their research, it was found that terpenes existed, organic compounds that are found in marijuana, that create carcinogens when it is smoked or vaped.

It is believed that terpenes are harmless flavor additives based on their natural production but when heated and found in dabbing, they will degrade and create toxins. When dabbing, smokers are taking in toxins that can be extremely harmful to the body.

Common methods of dabbing include using a culinary torch to heat the product, which results in an imprecise temperature. The temperature must be controlled to limit the smoker’s exposure to carcinogens. If the temperature is not controlled, the smoker is more at risk of breathing in toxins, with hotter temperatures creating more toxins.

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Possible Overdose and Psychosis

With dabbing, the possibility exists involving overdosing. Because this form of marijuana is extremely potent, the consumer may have too much when dabbing. Symptoms of an overdose include paranoia, panic attack, vomiting, passing out, heart rate acceleration or confusion. If an overdose occurs during dabbing, you could be at risk of accidental injury.

The process of dabbing has been found to lead to psychosis. A case study on the subject found that two people consumed dabs and were subject to psychosis that was marijuana-induced. Both the users had to spend time in the hospital and psychiatric medication used to wean the body back to normal.

Additional dangers involving dabbing include fires in the home. Users will be trying to warm the dab themselves with a variety of methods, which can lead to a fire, explosion, and severe burns. The safety risks are there and can lead to potential danger for a user.

If you or someone you know dabs, it is important to recognize the danger of use. From ingesting toxins to injury, dabbing can be extremely harmful. If you need help with a marijuana addiction, seek help from trained professionals like the staff and Chapters Capistrano to get your life back and track in a drug-free manner.

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