PCP is a very powerful and dangerous drug. It is a sedative dissociative drug. The full name for this drug is phencyclidine and it is sold in many areas. This drug comes in liquid form, tablets, capsules, crystal and white powder. There are many colors the tablets come in and it often isn’t known the dosage, as it is usually mixed with other dangerous substances. People have been smoking, snorting and swallowing PCP by itself or along with marijuana, tobacco or even MDMA. If you have been using PCP, there are addiction rehab treatment centers to help you quit.

Where Does PCP Originate From?

Use of PCP dates all the way back into the 1920’s. That is when it was developed initially. During the 1950’s, this drug began being used through IV, as an anesthetic for surgeries. Since there were many negative side effects, medical professionals quit using it. In this day and age, the only time that PCP might be used in a medical setting, is as a tranquilizer in a veterinary office. Most of the time, when this drug is manufactured, it is done so illegally. If you have been taking this drug and want to quit, there are drug detox programs to help.

What Are Some PCP Short-Term Effects?

Just as with any type of drug, there are many short-term effects that often occur when someone takes PCP. The effects would vary based on the dosage of the PCP and how the drug was administered. For example, is someone smokes PCP, some effects may start within a couple of minutes. If someone swallows this drug, effects might begin within half and hour to one hour. Effects from PCP, no matter how it is taken, can last a minimum of a few hours or up to a couple of days, depending on how much was taken.

Just like ketamine, PCP’s chemical-relation, this is an anesthetic-sedative dissociative drug. There are hallucinogenic based properties. This means when taking this drug, it is common for someone to have auditory and visual distortions. They may experience perceptual changes as well. Someone who is taking PCP might feel disconnected from the world and even from themselves. When high off from PCP, someone might not feel they are living in actual reality.

If you have experienced short-term effects from using PCP at all and you can’t seem to stop using the drug, getting into a rehab facility program may be your best option.

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What Are Some PCP Long-Term Effects?

In addition to the short-term effects from using PCP, there are some long-term effects that everyone should know about as well. When excessively using PCP over a longer amount of time, the side effects may become even more worrisome and severe. At this point, even if someone isn’t taking the drug as much, some effects may continue. These long-term effects may start to become physically and mentally debilitating. Some of these long-term effects of PCP use might include impaired memory, speech issues, impaired thinking and decision-making, depression, suicidal ideations, increased anxiety, isolation, paranoia, severe weight loss, flashbacks, hallucinations and delusions. Many of these effects can be dangerous. If you have already experiencing these effects, be sure to get into a treatment center for PCP addiction immediately.

How Do Different Dosages of PCP Effect Someone?

Taking a smaller dosage of PCP, generally between one and five milligrams, will usually cause specific symptoms. Many PCP users taking a small dosage might experience numbness, euphoric sensations, concentration issues, slurring of speech, coordination issues, perception issues or erratic behaviors. Others might see someone who has taken a smaller dosage staring off into space or having rapid eye movements. Someone might notice the PCP user sitting still and not reacting to stimuli.

Taking a larger dosage of PCP may cause more severe effects. Someone who takes a larger dose might see things that aren’t really there, hear things that aren’t there, have delusions, increase in blood pressure, raised heart rate, breathing issues, increased body temperature, panic attacks, anxiety and feel full of worry. Others might notice these issues quite easily.

How Dangerous is PCP Use?

When someone is high off from PCP, they have a much higher risk of becoming violent or aggressive towards themselves or others. This drug has a terrible reputation because of how severe things have gotten for many people who took it. If someone already has a mental health disorder, taking this drug could make that much worse.

Some people who take PCP begin believing they can’t be hurt, which can lead to self-injuries or even fatalities. For instance, someone might believe they can jump off from a building and survive it, while they are high on PCP. This can lead to a fatal injury or at least a very severe injury.

There have been people who take PCP who see a truly relaxed situation as a confrontational one. This may cause them to react in a violent way towards others. They may cause injury to themselves or others with their reaction.

Another problem with using PCP is that, when taken with drugs such as marijuana, this drug becomes even more dangerous.

Anyone who has been taking PCP, should know more about the dangers and how fatal this drug can be. If you have been using this drug, contact the drug rehab center today to talk about treatment options.

What Should Be Known About PCP Dependence?

There are thousands and thousands of people who become dependent upon PCP. Just like many of the other tranquilizing and sedative drugs, PCP is highly addictive. Those who are consistently using PCP will develop cravings for it and that can lead to a very dangerous future. Many people who become dependent on this drug will participate in even more illegal activities, just to get more of the drug. When someone uses this drug long-term, they become physiologically dependent upon it. They grow so accustomed to using the drug, they don’t feel they can live without it. If this has happened to you, know there are ways out of the addictive lifestyle.

What Are Some Treatment Option for PCP Addiction?

There are many treatment options to all addictions. When it comes to having a PCP addiction, you have various options as well. If you are struggling with a PCP addiction, the first thing to do is to admit you are addicted and call the rehab center professionals right away. After you speak with them, you can learn about the range of treatment options available to you.

It might be best for you to participate in an inpatient drug rehab program. This may begin with a detox program and then proceed to the rehab and recovery program. You would live in the rehab center for a period of time, generally 28 days to possibly up to 9 months. During this stay, you will have around-the-clock supervision. Those with a more severe addiction may benefit from this type of treatment. There are also outpatient treatment programs as well. If you haven’t been addicted to the drug that long or used it that often, you might be able to benefit from this type of treatment program.

If you have become dependent upon or addicted to PCP, being more aware of the short and long-term effects, is one step forward. Getting into a treatment program could help you overcome the addiction and change your life for the better in so many ways as well.

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