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A Tale of Addiction: Danniella Westbrook

The famous EastEnders star, Danniella Westbrook is infamous for her addiction. Even dating back to her time on set as Sam Mitchell, Westbrook was a trouble maker. Over the course of her career, this addiction to cocaine has plagued her and it still does today. She’s still recovering, though her life seems to be a little bit better now. Here’s a bit of a story about Westbrook, who has been in the news because of her struggles with addiction.

Westbrook rose to popularity due to her performance on the soap opera EastEnders. She appeared on the show from 1990 to 1993, left, came back from 1995 to 1996, left, then came back from 1990-2000 when she officially left the show for good. During her last stint on the show, she had to be filmed so her septum and nose wasn’t visible. Rampant cocaine use had burned a hole in it.

The story of Westbrook’s cocaine use is tragic. She began using cocaine while she was only 14. Once she joined the soap opera, her cocaine use became heavier. She used cocaine during her first pregnancy and has admitted that she’s attempted suicide multiple times. She’s also had plenty of brushes with death from outside causes. Including going through the windshield of a car and busting much of her face.

To deal with her septem troubles and her car accident, Westbrook has had to go through many rounds of plastic surgery. She has spoken openly about breast enhancement surgery. She has also been through plenty of husbands. Her life has unfortunately been in turmoil, including multiple stints at rehab.

Westbrook has been to rehab in 2000 and 2016 and it’s seemed to help. She’s currently living in the United Kingdom again. Though she has lived in the U.S. for part of her life with her kids.

Dealing with addiction isn’t easy. Westbrook is one of the tragic stories, but with a better outlook on life, she has so many lessons to teach. Just because she could afford her addiction, it was able to go on. Others aren’t so lucky and turn to other drugs. Some don’t even make it this long. They perish in the car accident that almost took Westbrook’s life. Luckily, help is available.