Drinking alcohol will influence the body, both physically and mentally. Abusers of alcohol will see short-term effects as well as long-term effects as the liquid is consumed. It is important to understand fully the short-term effects to see how one will be affected when drinking alcohol in large quantities. Once you understand the short-term effects, learning how drinking can affect the body long-term will help you to see that a drinking problem needs to be treated effectively.


Short-Term Effects

When drinking alcohol, the body is going to react in a certain manner depending on how much you drink as well as what you are drinking. Most people will experience slurred speech after a few drinks and even drowsiness. Vomiting and diarrhea can occur, depending on how your body is affected by the alcohol you chose to drink. Headaches are common as well, but usually, do not show up until later in the evening or the next day.

In the short term, drinking can also result in impaired judgment. When your judgment is impaired, you should not make important decisions or choose to drive. Your perception and coordination will be decreased, which increases the potential for a car wreck to occur. In some cases, a drinker can blackout and have memory lapses due to ingesting too much alcohol.

Whenever one drinks too much, these side effects can occur in the short-term. Your health can be affected immediately, and you may be putting yourself in danger due to poor decision making based on impaired judgment. It is important to consider these side effects and always drink responsibly. If you find that you are drinking on a regular basis and have a problem, it is important to seek treatment. Long-term effects can have an even bigger impact on the body as well as life in general.

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Long-Term Effects of Alcohol Use

Several health problems are associated with continued alcohol use or binge drinking. Understanding these health issues can be helpful in getting patients on the path to sobriety. When drinking alcohol on a continuing basis, accidents can occur such as car crashes, burns, etc. The individuals involved can be hurt or even killed. Intentional injuries can also occur due to alcohol use including sexual assault, injuries from a firearm or domestic violence.

Drinking on a regular basis can cause interruptions within the family or on the job. At work, if you are drunk, productivity can decrease as well as injury occur depending on your line of work. Family issues may arise, including broken relationships based on a drinking problem.

Heart-related diseases like stroke and high blood pressure can occur with prolonged alcohol use as well as damage to the nervous system, liver, brain and other organs. Sexual problems can occur as well as malnutrition and cancer of the mouth and throat.

It is important that alcohol drinkers review the short and long-term effects of use. By seeing how the body can be affected, it can be a vital starting point to getting the help needed for alcohol abuse treatment.

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