Vitamin B3 Pills for DetoxingDrug testing has become the standard in many workplaces, especially after the White House plus the US Congress duly authorized, encouraged, and even required public as well as private employers to administer drug tests on their employees.

This incident has pushed niacin into the limelight as it has been known for some time that its pills may help with detoxification or with flushing drugs out of a person’s system.

However, many are hesitant to believe that niacin can be a solution to beating a drug test. In short, its effectiveness is highly debatable.

What is Niacin?

Niacin — Vitamin B3 — refers to a group of compounds in human bodies that metabolize carbohydrates. However, the pill has come to the forefront of late because it can help beat drug testing by flushing drugs out of one’s system.

Niacin comes in a 500mg pill and is readily available in many drugstores. It is recommended that you take niacin at a maximum dosage of 2000mg in order to prevent its untoward side effects. These pills may be taken as a supplement if you have low levels of niacin. You may also take these supplements to boost brain function and ease arthritis problems.

The most common reason for taking niacin is to counter high levels of cholesterol in order to decrease complications from cardiovascular disease. Niacin is likewise beneficial for the general good health of one’s hair, skin, and eyes.

Negative Side Effects of Niacin Pills

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Niacin Flush

It has been said that niacin flush can be successful in removing traces of metabolites from the body much faster than other methods.

This is because niacin can be quicker in breaking down fats or where metabolites are commonly deposited. This is how a person passes drug tests even if it has only been a short amount of time since drugs were last ingested.

The problem with the niacin flush is that the pills vary in their effectiveness from one person to another, depending on height, weight, or metabolism rate. This method is more successful for those with body types having a lower fat content.

It should also be noted that the niacin flush is not the miracle solution that some people say it is.  To maximize its efficiency, the method has to be administered within 48 hours to 5 days. This is because niacin is hard on the liver. Taking upwards of 500mg all at once will make for a serious health risk.

However, if one is properly hydrated and takes one 500mg pill for every 6 or more hours inside of 3 days, reports say that 80% of the time they will likely pass their drug test.

This routine lets you cleanse your system of metabolites inside of 3 to 5 days. Use this plan to help you:

  • Take a 500mg niacin pill as soon as you get up and drink lots of water — 2 or more large glasses.
  • Try to rid yourself of as much urine as possible after a few minutes.
  • Eat only a small breakfast because fatty foods may make niacin less effective. You may have one caffeinated drink because they push you to urinate more.
  • Try to take in as much water, sports drinks, fruit juice, and other fluids throughout the day. However, ensure that you do not get yourself sick from overhydration. Avoid drinking alcohol.
  • Take your niacin pills and lots of water (2 big glasses) once every 5 hours. The pills are best taken before meals. Also, push yourself to urinate in between taking niacin and your meals.
  • The day that the drug test is administered, take two doses of niacin pills before you are tested. Also, push yourself to urinate as much as you can.
  • Check if your urine yellow. Take a B12 vitamin pill if it is discolored. Discoloration will immediately raise suspicion. It will be taken as a sign that you have taken something that would dilute your urine.

If Taking Niacin Pills

  • Niacin Pills DetoxSpace the pills for 5 hours or more so as not to overdose.
  • Drink two large glasses of water each time you take a pill. You may also take as many fluids as possible, aside from water — caffeinated drinks, sports drinks, fruit juice, etc. However, take care not to arouse suspicion by overhydrating.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and taking more drugs. This will negate the effects of niacin.
  • Eat small portions, always avoiding fatty foods.
  • Take two niacin pills plus water of at least 4 or 5 glasses on the day of the drug test itself.
  • Take vitamin B12 pill to return the yellow color of your urine.
  • Push yourself to urinate while on the process of a niacin flush. This is especially beneficial just before the test is administered.
  • Don’t forget that taking these niacin pills to beat a drug test can only be effective if urinalysis is conducted. You cannot beat other types of drug tests with a niacin flush.

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Many people have said that taking niacin pills to beat a drug test is not all effective. This may be because there wasn’t enough time for the pills to work.

In fact, the ineffectiveness of the pills in beating the drug test is not the real concern. It is that ingesting more than the usual dosage of niacin during a short span of time will cause very grave problems to your health.

Rest assured though that giving niacin pills ample time to work and following the guidelines laid down above will bring the hoped-for results without its negative consequences.

Of course, the best solution would be to kick that drug habit completely by checking yourself into a reputable drug treatment facility. An inpatient program can be as short as 7 to 14 days. Though if you can stay a bit longer, that would prove more effective because the sessions are more thorough and intense. For those who are employed or those who cannot leave their homes for treatment, you can also go for an outpatient rehab program.

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