Black and Mild CigarsWhat is Black and Mild?

Black and Mild is a type of small cigar that is narrow and short. Made using pipe tobacco, this cigar is smoked through a plastic tip and includes a greater amount of tobacco than cigarettes. Black and Mild are available in various flavors like cherry, wine, apple, and cream. In addition to different flavors, these cigars are inexpensive and are available for purchase in single packages.

Can I Become Addicted to the Cigar Black and Mild?

Yes, you can become addicted to Black and Mild cigars. Black and Mild are like other tobacco products where the stimulant called nicotine is one of the ingredients contained in the cigar. This stimulant causes the blood vessels to narrow, leading to an increased burden on the heart. In fact, even for those who do not inhale the smoke of the cigar, nicotine is absorbed into the smoker’s body through their mouth’s lining. An addiction to nicotine makes it difficult to stop the use of tobacco because once the individual is addicted when they attempt to stop they will likely go through the uncomfortable symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

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Symptoms of Nicotine Withdrawal

Symptoms of nicotine withdrawal vary for each person. During withdrawal, no two smokers feel exactly the same. However, common symptoms experienced include:

  1. Craving for nicotine product, such as cigars
  2. Trouble sleeping
  3. Trouble concentrating and thinking clearly
  4. Feeling sad or down
  5. Feeling jumpy or restless
  6. Feeling irritable, grouchy, or on edge
  7. Gaining weight or feel more hungry
  8. Slower heart rate

Are Other Cigars More Harmful Than Back and Mild?

Smoking CigarNo, other cigars are not more harmful than Black and Mild. The type of cigar Black and Mild are called is “cigarillos” and are generally smaller in length and diameter when compared to a regular cigar. Cigarettes and little cigars are a little bit smaller Black and Mild and contain approximately three grams of tobacco in each. Even though this cigar is smaller than the others, it is not safer than any of the other cigars.

Black and Mild cigars release a broad variety of harmful chemicals which can adjust behavior. Cigars like Black and Mild, unlike cigarettes, are made with fermented tobacco. The fermenting process produces high levels of carcinogenic nitrosamines. The amount of tobacco that is used in cigars is more than what is used in cigarettes, more carcinogenic tar is also used in cigars. When an individual smokes a cigar such as a Black and Mild, high concentration of these harmful chemicals as well as other cancer-causing elements are released.

Cigar smokers such as Black and Mild smokers are exposed to other toxic substances as well, including carbon monoxide, ammonia, hydrocarbons, cadmium. In fact, even those who do not inhale, expose their larynx, esophagus, lips, tongue, and mouth to harmful toxic and carcinogenic chemicals found in the cigar smoke. The long-time use of smoking cigars means there is an increase in your exposure to these dangerous chemicals. The effects of the nicotine can be intoxicating.

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What Causes the “Kick” in Back and Mild?

The question has been asked many times if you can get high from smoking Black and Mild. There is no scientific information available to confirm this. While some people report a short “buzz” feeling when starting to smoke the cigar, there is no data to back this up.

However, the Black and Mild cigar smoker experience a “kick” to their system immediately following exposure to nicotine. This so-called “kick” is caused by the stimulation of the adrenal glands due to the nicotine. This stimulation results in a discharge of adrenaline (epinephrine). The smoker’s body becomes stimulated from the rush of adrenaline leading to an increase on heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration which all can be measured. If you enjoy this “kick” effect and to get it you smoke Black and Mild, you are at an increased risk of becoming addicted.

How Do You Become Addicted to the Cigar Black and Mild?

Besides the nicotine addiction of the Black and Mild, there is also a psychological element of addiction. This element is craving. There is the inability to withstand these cravings that make nicotine addiction so hard to overcome.

It is the “kick” effect that motivates a cigar smoker to continue using to maintain its pleasurable effects and avoid withdrawal.

Help is Available

Cravings and withdrawal symptoms will weaken over time if you remain nicotine free. Changing the things you do and/or medications (Bupropion and Chantix) are available to help you manage these symptoms. The good news is that nicotine withdrawal is not dangerous. In fact, the best thing you can do for your health is stopping the nicotine use. Remember you are not alone.

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