Krokodil is the street name for Desomorphine or dihydrodesoxymorphine, is an opioid derived from codeine that is injectable. It is sold online and on the streets. Other names from this drug are Crocodile, Krok, Croc, Poor Man’s Heroin, Russian Magic and the Zombie Drug. The reason for the name of Krokodil is because of the look on the skin of the drug user. When looking around the site of injection, it takes on a scaly-like and discolored appearance, like that of crocodiles. Krokodil also comes from referencing a-chlorocodide (a derivative from codeine) or (Desomorphine production chemical precursor). In the United States, Krokodil is the Schedule I class of substances. This means there is a high risk of abusing it and it doesn’t have any acceptable medical uses.

Desomorphine: Cheaper Alternative to Heroin

In the purest form, this drug is ten times more potent than the drug, morphine and stronger than the drug, heroin as well. Krokodil effects the user very quickly but doesn’t stay in action for long. This means there is a much greater risk of someone using it more frequently, which even further increases the risk of becoming dependent on it.

In Russia, the Krokodil drug epidemic has been spreading rapidly. There are tens of thousands of people who have used Krokodil in the recent years. The epidemic has recently been spreading to other countries as well including Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Ukraine. Norway and Germany have noted increased use of Krokodil in certain areas too.

This drug is derived from codeine and medications that contain codeine as well. There are some markets where heroin is difficult to come by, so people have started using Krokodil instead of heroin. For those who are trying to obtain that euphoric sensation, Krokodil is the cheaper way to do that. Since it is easier for drug dealers to obtain and make, they are able to sell it at a lower cost. While it is the cheaper alternative, it is still powerful, potent and extremely dangerous. This drug can start impacting the user in only a couple of minutes and last for a couple of hours.

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What Should Be Known About the Manufacturing of Krokodil?

One of the dangers of Krokodil is that drug users can make it so quickly. In less than one hour, using hardly any equipment and codeine, this drug can be made. Many toxic and harmful ingredients are used in the making of Krokodil including household cleaners, hydrochloric acid, codeine, and gasoline. Sometimes ashes from cigarettes are added to balance pH levels as well. As you can see, these are not ingredients that humans should be consuming or putting inside their bodies.

What Are Some Effects of Taking Krokodil?

Anyone who takes Krokodil may be putting themselves at a serious risk. There are many harmful side effects from using, especially injecting, Krokodil. Some of the side effects that may occur when using Krokodil are infections of soft tissue, skin infections, and inflammation of veins, gangrene, ulcers on the skin, necrosis, and damage to veins where it has been injected. If an infection occurs, it can spread throughout the body to the organs as well. This could lead to damage to the organs and potentially be fatal. Limbs could become affected which could lead to the need for them to be amputated.

Since this drug is an opioid that is homemade, there are various health risks associated with preparing it. Many drug users will share their equipment and users may share syringes that are used when injecting the drug. Sharing needles raises the HIV and HCV risk. Since those who use this drug usually do so many times in one day that raises the chances of unsterile needles being shared.

It is important to note that even use of Krokodil short-term can cause major health issues or even a fatality. Many people who use this drug pass away within 2 to 3 years after they first used Krokodil. However, some people have a fatal reaction after first using the drug.

Why is Krokodil Called Zombie Drug?

Krokodil is known as the Zombie Drug by many media stations. The main reason for this is because many of those who use this drug develop eschars (dead skin patches) or gangrene. Their skin may turn green, grey and/or black. It often becomes flaky or scabby. That is what the skin of a crocodile looks like, hence the name Krokodil or Zombie Drug. There are many reports of the Krokodil appearance around the United States.

There are many dangerous drugs out there. One of those drugs is Krokodil. As you have read, the appearance of one’s skin after using this drug often resembles that of a crocodile, hence the nickname this drug has acquired. Anyone who is taking this drug, should recognize the dangers of it and seek out immediate drug rehab help. If you have been using Krokodil and are ready to overcome the addiction, please contact drug rehab specialists right away. The sooner you get into a rehab center program, the sooner you will be able to get on with your life. As mentioned above, many Krokodil users have a fatal reaction within the first few years of their first use. Don’t let that happen to you. Any time you use this drug, your life is being put at risk. Make the call today to save your own life and your future as well.

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