Wellbutrin is also called bupropion. It is generally prescribed for treating long-term depression. Some kinds of this drug are prescribed to help with nicotine withdrawals to help someone quit smoking. Since this drug is used in the treatment of long-term depression, many doctors do expect the patients will become dependent upon it in time. If you have taken Wellbutrin on a daily basis for a period of time and then want to quit taking it, you will probably have symptoms of withdrawal.

Today you will find out more about the process of Wellbutrin withdrawal and the expectations you can have during the first few weeks from the time you quit. There is also more information on the addictive nature of this drug as well.


When Will Withdrawal Symptoms from Wellbutrin Begin?

Generally, Wellbutrin withdrawal symptoms could begin if you miss one of your doses or when the previous dose starts wearing off. With that being said, the withdrawal symptoms can be felt quickly and in a short amount of time after you have taken your last dose. Some of the withdrawal symptoms you might experience include the following:

  • Feelings of agitation

  • Anxiety

  • Becoming confused

  • Fatigue

  • Getting headaches

  • Insomnia

  • Having rebound depression

If you experience any of these withdrawal symptoms and need some help dealing with them, detox programs can help.

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How Long Will Withdrawals From Wellbutrin Last?

Everyone will react differently when they stop taking Wellbutrin. Not everyone will experience the exact same withdrawal symptoms. For most of those who have been regularly taking this drug and who have been on it for some time, they will experience symptoms of withdrawal. The length of time and intensity of the withdrawal symptoms might vary based on what tapering schedule the individual is on. If someone quits cold turkey, they may have severe and even dangerous symptoms of withdrawal.

It is essential to remember that with Wellbutrin withdrawal and withdrawal from other antidepressants, one of the biggest issues you may have is rebound depression. In addition to the depression, you might experience anxiety, mood swings and irritability. This can last quite a while after you quit taking the drug. These symptoms may make quitting very difficult which is why it is often recommended to quit with the help of rehab center professionals. The rehab center staff members will not judge and they will be there to help you recover from the dependency and addiction to this drug.

What Is the Timeline for Withdrawal From Wellbutrin?

It is highly recommended that everyone be on a tapering schedule when coming off from Wellbutrin. This will reduce the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms. If you did stop cold turkey, the withdrawal timeline may include the following:

  • 24 to 72 hours after quitting Wellbutrin you have an increased risk of seizures. You may have symptoms that mimic the flu and become really sick. You might have uncontrollable mood swings and cry a lot. Your depression may worsen and you may experience erratic thoughts.

  • In the 1st week after quitting Wellbutrin you may need to sleep a lot and constantly feel tired. Your depression may be worsened and you might feel as if you aren’t in your body. Your muscles may be tense and your mental state may not be clear.

  • In the 2nd week after quitting Wellbutrin physical withdrawal symptoms may ease up a bit and you may start feeling somewhat better. However, the mood swings and symptoms related to your mood may continue. You may still have issues sleeping and have nightmares in addition to your depression.

  • In the 3rd and 4th weeks after quitting Wellbutrin you may gain some weight. You could have more rebound depression which may be even worse than before. Depression symptoms might make things tough in regards to staying clean. You may crave the drug to help you in dealing with the symptoms. Some people begin taking another SSRI for treating the depression.

If you are planning to withdraw from Wellbutrin, you may want to attend a detox program and treatment program at a rehab center. At the rehab center, you can get the help and support needed to get through this process.

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When Will Withdrawal Symptoms from Quitting Wellbutrin Go Away?

Withdrawal symptoms can start right after you stop using Wellbutrin. The expectation should be that these symptoms will go on for many weeks. However, note that the symptoms and time frame is not the same for everyone. After you have quit taking Wellbutrin and a few weeks have gone by, even the psychological symptoms can come back up. That may continue for many months after you stopped using this drug. Generally, treating the psychological symptoms from your underlying disorder may take some time.

What Should You Do If You Have Additional Questions About Wellbutrin Withdrawal?

There are many people who take Wellbutrin and withdraw from it. If you are one of them or you plan to quit and have questions about the withdrawal process, you can contact a rehab center today. The professionals at the facility will answer any questions you have and address all concerns you have as well.

Becoming dependent upon Wellbutrin is tough. If you want to quit using this drug and are having issues with doing so, know there are treatment programs which can help you out with this. Don’t wait to stop using Wellbutrin. You can get the help you need today.

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