People can get high from taking Lorazepam, but not everyone does. This is a drug which can cause you to get high if it is used in large doses or if you use it other than what it has been prescribed to you for. If someone is using Lorazepam for getting high, it can create a physical dependence and that can lead to an addiction to the drug. There are some very dangerous negative side effects which can be caused by this drug, especially if the drug is taken in high doses. Those who aren’t getting high from Lorazepam are the ones who take the drug as it has been prescribed. It is important to learn more about how this drug affects the body.


What Should Be Known About the Use and Chemistry of Lorazepam?

The main ingredient in Temesta and Ativan is Lorazepam. This is a benzodiazepine drug which is generally prescribed for treating anxiety. Usually, this drug isn’t prescribed to be taken for any more than 4 months. This is because of the addictive nature of the drug. The typical treatment for Lorazepam would be between 2 and 4 weeks. This drug can also be prescribed for treating insomnia, seizures, muscle spasms and some other similar disorders as well. If you have become addicted to Lorazepam, be sure to get addiction treatment right away.

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How Does Lorazepam Affect the Central Nervous System?

This type of drug is one of the central nervous system depressants. It will slow down brain activity and intensify the natural chemicals in the body to provide a calm effect. It is possible for this drug to cause tranquilizing and sedative effect as well. In addition, it should be known that this drug and similar other benzodiazepines can still cause a positive urine test for up to months after the last use. The timing of how long this type of drug will still show up on the test will depend on frequency of using the drug. It also depends on whether someone occasionally uses or has been chronically using the drug. If you have been using Lorazepam and want to make sure you pass a drug test, the best option is to abstain from using the drug in the first place. If you have trouble with this, addiction treatment centers can help.

Will Lorazepam Cause Euphoric Effects?

People can feel high after using Lorazepam in large doses. If you take anything more than what the doctor has prescribed you or sometimes even what the doctor has prescribed, you may feel high. For the most part, prescribed doses of Lorazepam won’t lead to getting high, but everyone is different. One of the effects from Lorazepam is the euphoric feeling. However, the drug can also cause drowsiness and dizziness as well. The euphoric feeling is what gets some users addicted to this drug.

What Happens If You Take Different Substances with Lorazepam?

It can lead to dangerous effects if you start taking other substances while under the influence of Lorazepam or other types of benzodiazepines. Some of the substances which cause negative effects when mixed with Lorazepam include opiates and alcohol. There are people who like to mix those substances with Lorazepam because it induces a more severe high or intensifies the effects they do want. If you mix CNS depressants it increases the risk of overdosing, creates breathing issues, could cause you to lose consciousness or lead to a coma. The combination could also lead to a fatal reaction.

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Is Lorazepam A Drug Someone Can Get Addicted To?

The truth is that Lorazepam is very addictive in nature if it isn’t taken as prescribed. People who take the drug as prescribed and those who abuse it will develop up a tolerance to this drug. This makes it very difficult to quit using the drug because of the withdrawals that may occur. When someone develops that tolerance, they need higher doses to get the same effects they previously did. In addition, they need a higher dose for getting high if that is their intention as well. The larger the dose, the greater the risk of negative effects occurring such as heartbeat problems or breathing issues.

If you have been abusing Lorazepam for the high, there is always the risk of becoming addicted to the drug. However, there is always addiction treatment help available for you. There are numerous rehab treatment options out there for treating an addiction to Lorazepam.

How Do You Know If You Have A Lorazepam Addiction?

Are you taking more of this drug than has been prescribed to you? Are you filling many prescriptions for the drug prescribed by various doctors and doing so at different pharmacies? Have you used this drug without having prescriptions for it? Are you needing to use the drug regularly, so you don’t experience withdrawals? If you can say yes for any of the questions here, you could have an addiction to Lorazepam.

Is There Help for Treating Abuse Of This Drug?

Addiction to Lorazepam is quite common and there are many resources which can help you to overcome abuse of the drug. If you would like to stop using Lorazepam, don’t stop cold turkey. Ask your doctor or medical professionals to help you taper off, so you don’t have severe or possibly fatal reactions. You can and may need to get help from a rehab detox center if you are going to withdraw from this drug. In the detox program, you will get around-the-clock care. Once you get off this drug, you can look into getting further rehab help and more information about recovery support groups.

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