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Famous Law Firms Help Fight Opiate/Opioid Abuse

Gavel wood deskRecently, we discussed how state and county government agencies are using online databases to track how many drugs are prescribed and used. These efforts are part of government efforts to end addiction to drugs such as opiates/opioids.

City governments are also taking efforts to end such opiate/opioid abuse. Some of these efforts are legal proceedings. For example, the city of Detroit hired a prominent local law firm to sue pharmaceutical companies that produced and marketed opiates/opioids. The law firm is also helping other cites sue pharmaceutical companies.

Interestingly enough, this law firm, The Sam Bernstein Law Firm is a very prominent law firm in the metropolitan Detroit area, with television and radio commercials, print advertisements, billboards, and even signs on buses and benches all promoting the fact that it’s a personal injury law firm. Did the municipalities hire this firm because of its expertise with personal injury law? Could it have hired the firm because it is working on similar drug company cases for various municipalities?

Or, could the cities have hired the law firm because it is so prominent? Hiring such a prominent law firm provides instant name recognition. Even if people don’t like the firm, they know it and may talk about it.

Hiring such a prominent firm creates fame by extension. If municipalities wanted people to know about their cases and about opiate/opioid abuse, employing an extremely prominent, self-promoting law firm to work on the case can definitely help people know about it.

Some people may scoff at a city government’s decision to hire a law firm known for its billboards and television commercials. But thousands of people die from opiate/opioid addiction every year. Even more people struggle with the addiction. Publicity is a good thing if it makes people become aware of the problem and motivates them to do something about it.

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