Gray Death DrugOver six hundred years ago, Black Death started coming around. It was a plague like no other and it spread throughout countries for quickly. Millions of people died from it. Today, the country and the world is in another crisis. Opioid drugs are at the center of this crisis. While the levels aren’t quite as high as those that happened with Black Death, the numbers continue rising. There is no sign that things will be under control any time soon. From 2009 to 2016, in the United States, there were over 360,000 deaths from drug overdoses. The jump from death rates went up by 10,000 from 2015 to the year 2016.

Around four percent of the population in the entire world is in the United States. However, for the world’s overdose deaths, there are around twenty-seven percent of those in the United States. Now the opioid epidemic has something frighteningly familiar and newer in the mix, Gray Death.

Describing Gray Death

The ashy look is what gives Gray Death its name. It looks very much like powder from crushed up concrete or rocks. The part named “Death” is because of the potency and dangers of using the drug. In some cases, one dose has killed. When discussing the Gray Death ingredients, they are strong and it is easy to see how it can be so fatal.

Currently, medical professionals are not able to determine all the contents in Gray Death. There are many different synthetic opioids in it. In addition, the amount of the drug varies based on who has made it and how it has been made. With that being said, four ingredients are known about Gray Death. These four ingredients include the following:

  • Heroin – This opioid drug is very addictive and created from the base, morphine. It is often abused and causes thousands of overdoses every single year.
  • U-47700 – This is a drug that is similar to opioid. It is in the designer drug category. U-47700 is nearly eight times more potent than morphine. It is created during the 1970s as a severe pain reliever after surgery and for cancer patients. It wasn’t tested or implemented on humans. The patent was made available and people found out how to make it. Many drug labs sell U-47700.
  • Fentanyl – This drug is in the opioid category. It is 100 times more potent than the drug, morphine. For most cases, this is to be used during surgery or just after. Many people have abused this drug and it has caused thousands of overdose deaths every year. In fact, fentanyl is now one of the leading drugs in the opioid epidemic.
  • Carfentanil – This is a potent drug and is used often. It is meant for bigger animals such as with elephants. This drug is 10,000 times more potent than morphine. The toxicity is often compared with nerve gas. This drug is often taken by people who think they are using heroin.

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Using Gray Death

This drug is found in various forms including chunks, rocks, and powder. It is used in many ways as well including eating, injecting, snorting, and smoking it. There are other shocking ways that this drug can be used as well. If it is absorbed by the skin or even inhaled accidentally, it can enter the bloodstream. Both these methods can quickly cause a fatal overdose.

Gray Death Effects

AddictionOne of the obvious known effects that happens with this drug is death. Many of the heroin drug addicts want a high that is stronger than the one they are getting. That is one of the main reasons many of them are taking Gray Death. The problem is there are very lethal effects from it that can occur almost immediately. Research shows that some of the effects known for this drug include the following:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Breathing issues
  • Pinpoint pupils
  • Lethargy
  • Losing consciousness
  • Heart failure

If you have taken Gray Death, you can get addiction treatment right away. There are programs available to help you overcome your addiction to drugs.

Gray Death and Reversing the Effects

When someone overdoses on heroin, the medics may use Naloxone, a drug to reverse the effects of the overdose. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. However, naloxone is very strong and it is meant to block the opioid receptors in the brain, so the drug stops working. Many medics have tried using naloxone on people who overdose on Gray Death and state they needed ten times as much of to reverse the effects. With that being said, while the effects could be reversed for Gray Death, the chances of being successful at doing so, are much lower than that with other drugs.

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Fatal Drug Added To The Already Problematic Opioid Crisis

The Negatives of Grey DeathJust as the plague mentioned earlier, this drug is spreading quickly. There have been many overdoses and incidents relating to the use of this drug. A Georgia Bureau of Investigation forensic chemist, Deneen Kilcrease, noted that this drug is one of the worst and scariest drug combinations seen in years. With that being said, it should be known to all who use this drug that it is not safe. It is harsher, more potent, and more dangerous than nearly every other drug out there.

The United States DEA has mentioned that China is the main source for Fentanyl and other drug trafficking into the United States. In the meantime, this drug remains very deadly and potent. Most users have no idea what exactly is in the Gray Death they are taking or how much of it they are taking either. Each batch seems to be different and contain various ingredients. It is nearly impossible to determine fully what one is taken based on the color of the drug alone. Unlike various other drugs, the main problem with Gray Death isn’t the chance of becoming addicted. It is that this drug could kill you before you even develop an addiction to it.

Have you been taking Gray Death? Maybe you are addicted to heroin and thinking about using Gray Death. The dangers of this drug are not completely known, but one thing is for sure, this is one of the most dangerous drugs on the market. It has caused many overdoses and deaths. If you want to protect yourself, the best thing to do is never to take this drug. However, if you have already taken it, be sure to seek out emergency medical help to get it out of your system and then get addiction treatment help as well. If you have not used it yet, but have thought about it, ask someone for help in preventing you from doing so.

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