Over the past years, there are more and more people becoming addicted to Dilaudid or at least abusing the drug. Dilaudid, also known as hydromorphone, is prescribed to many people to reduce pain levels. It is generally only prescribed to treat moderate and severe pain, usually from broken bones, cancer, chronic pain or other severe medical issues. This drug is in the class of opioids (a semisynthetic opioid to be exact) and alters how someone’s brain responds to pain and discomfort. This is a very addictive drug and if taken, it should be done so with caution. There are many things everyone should know about Dilaudid addiction and abuse.

Why is Dilaudid Prescribed?

Similar to different opioid classified medications, Dilaudid is also mainly prescribed for relieving pain. Since these kinds of drugs block pain signals from getting to one’s brain, they are able to help the patient feel less pain. This drug, in particular, is generally prescribed for chest, back, nerve, stomach and cancer pain. It is also prescribed in cases of pancreatitis and hospice care. If you have been prescribed Dilaudid and been abusing the drug, reach out to an addiction treatment center immediately for help.

What is the Strength of Dilaudid Dosage Compared to Similar Drugs?

Dilaudid is an extremely strong pain medication. It is created from the drug, morphine, but is a lot stronger than that. A Dilaudid dose of 1.5 mg IV and 7.5 mg oral is equivalent to Meperidine 75 mg IV, Morphine 10 mg IV and 30 mg oral, Oxycodone 20 mg oral and Propoxyphene 150 mg oral. As you can see, even a small amount of Dilaudid is much stronger than most other pain medications. This is part of the reason why this drug is so potent, addictive and dangerous. Taking too much of this drug could easily cause a fatal overdose.

What Details Should Be Known About Dependency on Dilaudid and the Addiction to This Drug?

When someone starts misusing this drug, it can lead to dependency of it within only a couple of days. After someone has become dependent on Dilaudid, they have an increased tolerance for the drug and that causes them to raise their own dosage and even the amount of times they use the drug as well. For many, they start buying the drug from others, since they can’t get their own dosage raised by their doctor. The increased tolerance can lead someone to an addiction to Dilaudid. At that point, if they try to stop taking the drug, they may experience withdrawals, which only continues the cycle of addiction.

There are many signs of an addiction to Dilaudid that should be known as well. These generally include agitation, depression, delusions, stomach pains, seizures and hallucinations. Others may experience a rash, joint pains, nausea, dry mouth, muscle pains, sweating, dizziness, flushing of the skin or trouble breathing. Someone who is addicted to this drug may have negative impacts on their relationships, financial state and even their daily activities as well.

Dilaudid can be dangerous, even if you have a prescription. Taking anything other than the recommended dosage can lead to severe, negative effects and even prove to be fatal. Additionally, buying this drug from others, off the street for example, can be even more dangerous. If you have become dependent or addicted to Dilaudid, be sure to ask a rehab center professional for help.

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What Are Some Dangers of Dilaudid Being Snorted?

There are some people who abuse Dilaudid by snorting it. This provides effects in a much more powerful and rapid way. This method of ingestion for Dilaudid is very dangerous and nobody should do it. Many people abuse this drug by snorting it because that gives them the quickest high. It enters their bloodstream much faster. Misusing Dilaudid in any way could be fatal. Snorting this drug ranks the top of the list for fatalities. Even if it isn’t fatal, it could cause nasal passage damage, brain damage, suicidal ideations, depression, psychosis or even paranoia. If you have snorted Dilaudid, ask an addiction rehab center professional to help you into treatment today.

What Are Some Dangers of Dilaudid Plugging?

Another way that many people have abused Dilaudid is through plugging. This is when the medicine is prescribed in a dosage that is taken rectally. However, many people take part in Dilaudid plugging, even when they don’t have a prescription to do so. The purpose of this is to bypass one’s digestive system. Rectal use of this drug is one of the leading causes of misuse with it as well. The high comes faster with plugging than it does with an oral dose. There are many risks that could occur with Dilaudid plugging. These generally include reduced heart rate, slowed breathing, higher risk of addiction, feeling extremely drowsy, feeling lightheaded, impotence, anxiety and infertility. If someone is drinking alcohol or taking other opioids, along with Dilaudid plugging, that greatly increases the risks too. If you have been abusing this drug through plugging, be sure to get into a treatment center immediately.

What Are Some Dangers of Dilaudid IV Pushing?

Generally, IV pushing is done through IV in a doctor’s office or emergency room. This method is done by putting the full dose into the IV at one time, quickly. In medical settings, this is generally only done with severe pain patients or after a surgery. However, there are people who abuse this method, outside of the medical environments. This method gives the user a high instantaneously. Some of the dangers of IV pushing include veins collapsing, increased risk of contracting HIV, increased risk of infections, reduced blood flow and higher chances of overdosing. If you have abused the IV pushing method, ask to be put into an addiction treatment program right away.

What Should Be Known About Dilaudid Overdose?

There are many people who have overdosed on Dilaudid. This has been fatal in some cases as well. No matter how the drug was taken, an overdose is always possible. Some of the common symptoms of overdosing include dizziness, drowsiness, confusion, labored breathing, lowered blood pressure, stomach pains, seizures, cold skin, muscle spasms, blue fingernails and lips and even a coma. There are far too many risks of abusing Dilaudid or becoming addicted to the drug. Don’t let things get further out of control. Get help today.

What Are the Symptoms of Dilaudid Withdrawal?

When coming off from Dilaudid, most users will experience some withdrawal symptoms. Generally, these symptoms would include watery eyes, restlessness, nausea, runny nose, muscle pains, sweating, bone pains, cravings, diarrhea, increased blood pressure, chills, depression, agitation, irritability and insomnia. It is highly recommended to have medical supervision while withdrawing from Dilaudid. The drug rehab centers can help you through the detox phase.

There are many things everyone should know about Dilaudid abuse and addiction to this drug. This is an extremely potent and dangerous drug. When it is abused, the risk of overdose is extremely high. Many people have had a fatal reaction to abusing Dilaudid. If you have been abusing this drug or become addicted to it, getting into a detox and treatment program as soon as possible, is your best bet for having a fulfilling future.

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