Dangers of Recreational Drinking

Many people believe that addiction is a choice made by an individual, and the development of dependency is not something that everyone plans for. However, every individual has the capacity to develop addiction when engaged in recreational substance abuse, including social drinking. One of the best ways to prevent addiction from occurring is to limit drinking or to abstain altogether.

In order to raise awareness about how alcohol is dangerous not only for alcoholics, but for anyone drinking, here are a few of the top dangers associated with recreational drinking:

  • Binge Drinking and Alcohol Poisoning

Binge drinking is one of the most common health concerns among college campuses, as it is a leading cause of health problems, including alcohol poisoning. Although some are lucky to walk away from binge drinking episodes without significant damage to their health, they may have already increased their risk of addiction.

Binge drinking is common at social events, and may not even be planned by individuals attending them. For example, those who enjoy a few cocktails may experience impaired judgment, and an increased desire to drink, either to have “fun” or through a lowered tolerance. It is always important when social drinking to set limits; if these limits are passed, you may be facing risk of alcoholism.

  • Cocktails Mask Alcohol Content

Cocktails and other mixed drinks are common among social events that include alcoholic beverages. While these beverages contain alcohol, their non-alcoholic mixers mask the overall flavor of the liquor, making it much more difficult for drinkers to assess how much they are actually drinking. As a result, some individuals may end up drinking more than they expected, raising their blood alcohol content to a more-than-desirable level. Those who drink cocktails regularly may find that their tolerance is lowered, a factor that may increase their future risk of addiction.

  • Drunk Driving

Responsible drinking means having a designated driver in place to avoid drunk driving. Drunk driving is not only hazardous to the driver and passengers, but everyone else on the road. While this leading cause of automobile accidents can be avoided, the statistics remain incredibly high—revealing that many are unable to limit their drinking or plan responsibly when engaging in recreational drinking. Based on information provided by the CDC, recent reports show that drunk driving is responsible for one death in America every 48 minutes.

When Your Social Drinking Becomes a Problem

If you or a loved one identify with all of those problems associated with recreational drinking, yet are unable to resolve them, alcoholism may be a part of the problem. It is important to face this issue head on and seek recovery to protect one’s health and save lives.

Fortunately, there are many ways individuals can seek treatment for alcoholism and stay focused on a path toward sobriety. At Chapters Capistrano, we offer a comfortable atmosphere that features on-site detox and flexible treatments so our guests are afforded the best options to seek addiction recovery.

To learn more about how our programs can help you or a loved one recover from drug or alcohol addiction call 949-276-2886 today.

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