Clonazepam, or Klonopin, is one of the anxiolytic drugs. It is generally prescribed for managing seizures and panic attack disorders. It slows down many brain and bodily functions to help reduce stress and anxiety. It also raises the amount of GABA, or gamma amino-butyric acid, in one’s brain. When that happens, blood pressure and heart rate slow down. It is warned that Clonazepam is addictive, both psychologically and physically. It is advised, that when coming off from this drug, medical supervision should be present. There are many harmful side effects and symptoms of withdrawal that might occur. If you are going to withdraw from the drug, rehab detox centers have the appropriate medical supervision.

Many people abuse Clonazepam and may even combine it with alcohol or other drugs. This further increases the side effects during withdrawal. There are many people who go to an emergency room because they had a bad reaction to using this drug. If you don’t want to put yourself in that position, you should seek help to stop using this drug right away.

When this drug is abused, it may create brain changes. Some areas of the brain may quit performing when the drug isn’t being taken. That is part of why dependence to Clonazepam occurs. When someone stops using the drug, they feel as if they can’t function and then go back to using again just to feel “right” again. Starting to withdrawal from this drug may increase insomnia, seizures, panic attacks and anxiety. That is just one of the reasons many have a difficult time overcoming addiction to this drug. If you want to come off from Clonazepam, addiction recovery professionals are here to help.

What Should You Know About Clonazepam Withdrawal Symptoms?

It can be very risky or even fatal to withdraw from this drug. You should never quit taking this drug completely without having proper medical supervision. Seizures can occur which could potentially put you into a coma or even cause death if you quit suddenly. It has been documented for catatonia to occur, even though that is rare. Respiration rates, heart rate, body temperature and blood pressure should be noted throughout the withdrawal process because they can drop or spike drastically and quickly during withdrawal. Let medical professionals at a drug rehab center help you safely withdrawal from Clonazepam.

During the withdrawal process, you might experience stomach pains, nausea, vomiting, headaches, some memory loss, tremors, insomnia, sweating, heart palpitations, respiratory issues, dizziness, blood pressure increased, blurry vision, muscle cramps and spasms, fatigue, diarrhea, impaired motor functions, lightheadedness and seizures.

The withdrawal process could also cause psychological symptoms as well. You might experience nightmares, hallucinations, confusion, some memory lapses, irritability, trouble concentrating, lack of pleasurable feelings, severe mood swings, panic attacks, anxiety, cravings, depression, loss of motivation, feeling disconnected from everything and anger. It is helpful to have rehab center therapists and other professionals monitoring these symptoms. However, they should start subsiding if you give it some time. If you are going to withdraw from Clonazepam, do so safely and with proper medical supervision. Addiction rehab treatment centers have excellent detox programs.

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How Can Withdrawal from Clonazepam Be Done Safely?

Just like withdrawing from any other benzodiazepine medication, you should go through medical detox when going through withdrawal from this drug as well. When you are in a medical detox center, you will be supervised and cared for by experienced professionals. They are trained to monitor symptoms of withdrawal and know how to treat and manage those symptoms as well. There will be medical supervision 24/7. Most drug detox centers have medications to help ease some of the symptoms of withdrawal as well. It can be fatal to quit using Clonazepam instantly, which is why the tapering method is often used. Most of the detox centers have programs that last about 1 week.

What Should Be Known About Clonazepam Dependence?

While Clonazepam is prescribed by many doctors for seizure and anxiety related disorders, there is still a very high risk of developing dependence upon this drug, which could then lead to an addiction. As someone starts becoming used to taking a certain dosage of this drug, they build up tolerance to it. Once that happens, they may feel the need to take even more, which causes their body and brain to become dependent on it. All body and brain functions begin adjusting to become more reliant on Clonazepam. So, when someone quits using this drug or lower their dosage significantly at once, their body and brain are thrown off balance. This leads to hormone and neurotransmitters reactions which confuse the body even more. That is when the withdrawal symptoms usually kick in. Most of the time, those who are abusing Clonazepam, are also abusing other drugs or alcohol as well. This amplifies the effects of withdrawal much more. If you have become dependent upon Clonazepam, be sure to get into a drug detox and rehab program immediately.

What Are the Stages of Withdrawal?

It is helpful to know more about the different stages of withdrawal. This can help those who are abusing Clonazepam to be a bit prepared for what is to come. Acute withdrawal is one of the stages of withdrawal. This generally happens within 1 to 4 days after last using the drug. During acute withdrawal, someone might experience headaches, tremors, sweating, nausea, abdominal cramps, raised blood pressure, heart palpitations, mood swings, irritability, more anxiety or even seizures. Another stage of withdrawal is the protracted or full-blown stage. This stage generally extends 10 to 14 days. However, this could last longer if someone had more severe Clonazepam abuse. In this stage, someone might experience worsening anxiety, cravings, malaise, more severe depression, lightheadedness, nausea, slight fever and chills. No matter the stage, severe withdrawal symptoms could occur. Make sure to withdraw from Clonazepam with rehab center help.

What Medications Can Be Used During Clonazepam Withdrawal?

Withdrawing from Clonazepam could be fatal because of a higher risk of seizures. While this is rare, the risk shouldn’t be ignored. Medical professionals can keep a close eye on the signs for seizures and treat the necessary symptoms. There are some medications that can be used during Clonazepam withdrawal to make the process safer. Medications like Prozac or Paxil can treat some symptoms. Anticonvulsant medications, like Tegretol, can help with treating seizures. Melatonin can help with the treatment of insomnia. There are many other medications that could be used to help with symptoms of withdrawal as well. It all depends on what symptoms are present and how the doctors best perceive the care plan for each individual patient. It is also common for this drug to continue being given, but on a tapering schedule, to increase the safety of the withdrawal process even more. If you have questions about this process, be sure to contact the drug rehab center today.

What Happens After the Withdrawal Process is Finished?

After someone has gotten through the withdrawal process, certain side effects from the withdrawal are taken into further consideration. To treat these effects, motivational interviewing or cognitive behavioral therapy may be used. Most people who are recovering from an addiction to Clonazepam will attend individual and group cognitive behavioral therapy appointments. This can help them to create the best relapse prevention and recovery plan. There are many support groups that can be taken advantage of by recovering addicts too. These might include family or peer support groups. In addition, upon leaving the detox center, there will be a recovery and treatment plan put into place. Each individual patient will have their own plan. This plan will specify what treatments should be used. It is very common for people to relapse after being in detox for Clonazepam. That is why it is so essential to continue a rehab and recovery program. Relapsing after detoxing is even more dangerous because the body has become accustomed to not having the drug for some time. If you speak with the professionals in the detox and rehab center, you can make sure you have the best plan put into place for your recovering lifestyle.

Some people do become dependent upon and addicted to Clonazepam. Even though it is given as a prescription for many people, there is still a very high risk of addiction and abuse with this drug. If you have become dependent upon or addicted to Clonazepam, overcoming that can be your first priority. Yes, the withdrawal process might be scary, but with proper medical supervision, you can make the process safer and more comfortable as well. While you are in the detox center, you can be given medications to help ease the withdrawal symptoms. In addition, you will be constantly supervised, and a treatment plan will be put into place immediately, if issues arise medically. After the detox program, there are many rehab center and recovery programs you can take part in. If you are ready to overcome your addiction to Clonazepam, be sure to contact the rehab center right away.

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