With alcoholism affecting the lives of many and has impacted a number of families, effective treatment for it would be a big thing.

Drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation centers can be found anywhere. These could be run by private companies or could be availed of through the government’s substance abuse treatment programs. But what if a drug for a different purpose could also be used to treat alcoholism? Isn’t that great news?

Aside from searching for Baclofen side effects, it has also been observed that people are interested as well in knowing the link between the drug and alcoholism treatment.

Could this be the answer to the long dream of having an easy way to treat the condition?


What is Baclofen? Can You Get High On Baclofen?

It is the generic name of a prescription drug that treats some symptoms of multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries or diseases, and cerebral palsy.

Despite not being classified as a narcotic drug, it still reportedly has the effects of the latter: the change in a person’s mood or behavior. According to reports, Baclofen’s structure, which is likened to the gamma-aminobutyric (GABA), has potentially brought the noted ‘high’ effects on those who are using it beyond what is prescribed by a medical professional.

As people continue to ask if it is a narcotic or not (Is Baclofen a narcotic?), medical experts have warned that the abuse of this pill, especially when combined with other drugs, may pose danger to one’s health, or even life. Yes, Baclofen overdose is possible.

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What are the Baclofen Side Effects?

Along with inquiries about the background of this drug, its side effects are also among the things that people want to know about.

What could be the most common effects of this drug? How about the major and serious ones?

Below are the most common experiences of someone who is taking Baclofen:

  • Drowsiness or the feeling of being sleepy all the time.

  • Dizziness to the point of losing balance, especially when walking.

  • Weakness or the loss of energy to do things, which might include your hobbies or the activities you have always wanted to do.

  • Confusion or the inability to see situations clearly.

  • Upset stomach.

In the meantime, there could be two serious concerns identified as Baclofen side effects. Once observed, the doctor must be informed right away so that proper care will be given.

  • Difficulty in breathing; and,

  • Seizures.

What are the Baclofen Overdose Symptoms?

Most of the side effects listed above are those that could be experienced when taking the drug, whether in the right amount or excessive dosage.

You might be asking now for the signs that you must note when suspecting that someone has overdosed on it.

How would you know if someone is experiencing Baclofen overdose? What symptoms to look for?

The following are the symptoms when someone has taken so much of it:

  • Blurred vision or seeing double of the things you see

  • Seizures

  • Severe muscle weakness

  • Shortness of breath or when you feel that you extremely gasping for air

  • Vomiting

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On the other hand, a study published in the American Journal of Critical Care (AJCC) revealed that intense central nervous system depression has been found to be a common result in a patients Baclofen overdose.

According to a report gathered by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the preliminary count of Americans who died of drug overdose in 2017 was at least 72,000.  The drugs identified to have caused their deaths were the prohibited drugs and prescription opioids. There was no detailed report, though, on the type of opioids used in the said deaths.

Of the drug overdose-related deaths recorded, a 3.1-fold increase was noted from 2002 until 2017. It was further disclosed that the number of deaths involving opioid drugs from 2002 to 2017 (only preliminary data for 2017) grew by 4.1 folds.

Could Baclofen Cure Alcoholism?

The question of whether or not Baclofen could cure alcoholism has remained open because there has been no confirmation yet from the medical experts regarding this theory. However, Dr. Olivier Ameisen, a French cardiologist, somehow made a confirmation of the link between the two.

He narrated in his book called “La Dernier Verre” how he won against his battle with alcoholism. Accordingly, he did self-medicate and had observed that since he was taking it, he slowly lost his craving for alcohol.

Following his recovery, he reportedly concluded that it was really his anxiety that needed to be addressed. Such condition was said to be the cause of his desire to drink alcohol frequently.

Amid this known experience of someone in the medical field, it still must be emphasized that Baclofen was not developed and introduced treat alcoholism; it is not licensed for such purpose.

How Do Addicts Get a Supply of Baclofen?

It is a fact that Baclofen can only be dispensed from the pharmacies if you are carrying a prescription from a licensed doctor with you. Nevertheless, some could still get some supply even without any prescription.

These people could have employed strategies to have it for non-licensed use:

  1. Via online shopping. With the popularity of shopping online these days, it may no longer appear surprising if medication drugs are also included in the list of products the online sellers offer. Beware! These could be counterfeit and may not contain the ingredients they are supposed to have; and,

From their “sympathetic” physicians. They may have requested their doctors to give them a prescription for Baclofen, and might have gotten the advice on proper dosage and when to take it from them.

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