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Ativan Addiction and Treatment

Chapters Capistrano is a drug and alcohol rehab center that is dedicated to helping people with an Ativan addiction. Our experts have designed a program for treatment recovery that is personal to your individual experience and takes on the challenges you face. With this approach, we ensure success in achieving freedom from Ativan addiction.

General Information

Ativan is in the potent benzodiazepine drug class, and is a psychoactive drug that can have sedative, relaxant and hypnotic effects on its users. It is typically prescribed by doctors for the treatment of insomnia (sleeplessness) and/or anxiety (nervousness). In some cases, Ativan is used to ease the withdrawal symptoms from other recreational drugs as well. It is classified as a safe treatment for its intended purposes; however, it has become commonly used in an unsupervised manner and over long periods of time, this can cause serious health problems.

Effects of Ativan Abuse

Prolonged use of Ativan affects your physical and mental health. Some of these include depression, impaired coordination, and dizziness, among others. Using Ativan chronically can lead to an addiction because of the tolerance build up and dependence that forms. An abuser may increase the dosage and/or frequency to ward off this tolerance and gain the same effects. Ativan can even cause fatal consequences if the drug is used in conjunction with recreational drugs like alcohol, opiates and antidepressants.

Ativan Detoxification Doesn’t Have To Be Painful

We know that you may be feeling nervous about the idea of going through withdrawals from Ativan. This could keep you using the drug longer. But, at Chapters, withdrawals don’t have to be uncomfortable.

Our Ativan rehab program uses a drug specific detox where clients receive a mild prescription while under medical supervision. We slowly taper off this medication until your body physically stabilized. This method reduces the risk of seizure and eases the withdrawal process.

Chapters Capistrano understands that facing addiction recovery is difficult and the challenges you face having an Ativan addiction are unique. When you call us at 1-949-276-2886, you can be assured that our professional staff will explain how our personalization will help you through your journey to a sober, healthier – and happier – lifestyle. Call today.

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