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Chapters Capistrano can help you if you are facing an Ambien addiction. We have created a customized treatment program that is personalized to fit your needs, because we know that each case of Ambien dependency is very different and needs a special approach to ensure success in recovery from the drug addiction.

General Information

Ambien is a brand name drug that is also prescribed as Zolpidem. This prescription is used mostly for treating sleeplessness disorders, insomnia, and some brain disorders as well. Ambien is safe when used under medical supervision for its intended use. Recently it has become more popular as a recreational drug for people seeking a hypnotic state, or altered state, muscle relaxant or sedative. Ambien’s effects are similar to those of the benzodiazepine drug class, although it is not in that drug class. Overusing or abusing Ambien can create dangerous health risks.

Effects of Ambien Abuse

Prolonged use of Ambien or increased dosage misuse of Ambien directly relate to the physical and mental health of its users. Hallucinations, amnesia, nausea and vomiting are just a few of the common risks associated with Ambien addiction and/or abuse. Like most prescription drugs, with chronic unsupervised consumption of the drug, you can build a tolerance so that in order to get the same feelings, you will need to increase the dosage and/or take it more frequently. When taken in combination with other recreational drugs like opiates or alcohol, the effects are even more dangerous and can even be fatal.

Ambien Detoxification Doesn’t Have To Be Painful

We know that you are probably feeling some anxiety about going through Ambien withdrawals. But at Chapters, we recognize that you face individual challenges and we work with you on a personal level to make this first step toward recovery much more comfortable.

Our Ambien rehab program is custom designed so that you can successfully beat your Ambien addiction. You will undergo a drug specific detox right here on site while being supervised by our medical staff, who will also prescribe you a mild medication to assist in minimizing the risk of seizures while also making you more comfortable.

Ambien Rehab Programs

We are ready to help you take the first step toward Ambien addiction recovery. Call us now at 1-949-276-2886 and let us talk with you about the best option suited for you. You can overcome this battle with addiction, and we want to be there with you to help.

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