One of the hardest parts of addiction recovery is admitting that you need help and getting started. It means letting others in and accepting their help. It is a very courageous thing to do to admit that you have developed a drug addiction or alcoholism. But by confiding in a close friend or family member, you can get the support you need to enter a San Diego drug rehab program.

In all honesty, your family and close friends probably already know you’re struggling with addiction. They have seen the changes and consequences that have occurred, even if you were in denial. Perhaps they even reached out to share their concerns with you. While you may feel embarrassed or ashamed to admit you have a drug addiction, don’t be. Your family will be more concerned about supporting you in your recovery and helping you to find a treatment center that meets your needs.

Reaching a Turning Point

Everyone’s motivation for seeking addiction treatment is different. Perhaps you’re tired of the way your substance use makes you feel. It can affect your sleeping patterns, appetite, mood, cognitive abilities, decision making, health, and much more. Some people feel as though they are no longer in control of their lives and want to break free from the grip that substance abuse has on their life.

Others begin to see the consequences of their actions. Their job may be suffering or they may be struggling with relationships. Family and friends may become more withdrawn because they don’t know what to expect, how to act, or what state you’ll be in each time they see you. They may not like who you become when you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and you may not like it either.

In any case, whatever your personal “rock bottom” is, it can be a turning point that motivates you to finally seek addiction treatment at a luxury rehab center. When you can no longer control your substance use and it is interfering with your life, it’s time to make a change.

Tips for Asking for Help from Loved Ones

Deciding to ask for help with drug addiction is a big decision but one that is worthwhile. As you prepare yourself to take this step forward and choose recovery, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Find someone you trust. You might not feel comfortable announcing your addiction in front of the whole family and that might not be the best way or place to do so. Instead, choose someone that you trust and feel comfortable confiding in. This can help you to overcome any embarrassment you may feel or anxiety about admitting you need help. Have faith that they will be supportive of your choice to enter treatment and overcome your addiction.
  • Be honest. Don’t try to downplay the severity of your addiction. Be honest about your struggles and why you are ready for a change. When you’re truthful with yourself and others, it can come across as more genuine. Instead of telling them what you think they want to hear, tell them what you need them to hear. Chances are, your struggle with addiction will not come as a surprise to them, so you have nothing to lose. The more honest you are, the better they are able to help you find the type of drug rehab program you need.
  • Accept support. You don’t have to go through addiction recovery alone. There can be a lot of things to plan and coordinate when it comes to entering treatment. Don’t worry about feeling as though you are a burden – you’re not. Your family and friends want to see you get better and turn your life around. Be willing to accept their support and help when it comes to taking care of things around your home or watching your children while you are in treatment. Knowing that you have this support system can make it easier for you to focus on your recovery instead of worrying about things back home.
  • Follow through. Once you’ve admitted that you need help, keep moving forward. Telling someone else can help to hold you accountable and not allow you to back out. Work together to find a treatment center that offers personalized treatment options and is able to effectively meet your needs. Not all programs are the same, so find one that you feel confident in and comfortable with the approaches to treatment.

Once you admit that you need help for addiction, you are one step closer to recovery. Keep in mind that it will be hard work and take time, but it is worth it. Change is possible and it’s not too late to turn your life around. Chapters Capistrano can provide you or a loved one with the comprehensive care you need to overcome addiction. With both 12-step and alternative approaches to treatment, holistic therapies, and on-site detox, you can set yourself up for success in recovery. Contact Chapters Capistrano at 888-973-0230 if you are ready to admit you need help and enter into a high quality treatment program.