With the rise of talk about the prevalence of addiction in the past several years, more and more people are interested in learning more. From the surge in opiate addiction to the long-standing addiction to alcohol and nicotine, people are indeed wanting to learn why this addiction epidemic is occurring and what they can do about it.

Whether you’re struggling with addiction or you know someone struggling with addiction, you can benefit from learning more about the topic. Maybe you’re not to the point where you would need an intervention done, but even a seemingly less daunting addiction like sugar addiction can cause negative consequences in your life.

Due to the increase in popularity among hot topics, the media has jumped on board, regularly producing documentaries on various types of addiction. From YouTube to Amazon to Netflix, there’s plenty of addiction documentaries hitting the shelves so-to-speak. Granted, shedding light on the matter is important, as people need to know what’s going on and addicts need to know they’re not alone.

But some wonder if the documentaries are helping or perhaps doing some harm due to bias and sometimes flat-out mistruth. As always, you can’t always believe the media, but people need their eyes opened to the reality that addiction is becoming an epidemic.

Here are some of the best drug documentaries you may want to check out to learn more about addiction and recovery.

1.   Russell Brand: From Addiction to Recovery

Here is a documentary created by Russell Brand called Russell Brand: From Addiction to Recovery. At one time, Russell was a die-hard addict, but his addiction started to cause some harsh negative consequences. He got on the recovery path and has been a recovery advocate ever since. He’s written articles and books on the topic, and has created this documentary that looks at addiction (particularly heroin drug use) from the lens that addiction is a disease that society ought to address as such, rather than punishing addicts in prisons. Russell is raw and real, shedding light on areas some people fear to discuss.

2.   Montana Meth

Here is a documentary about methamphetamine and the awful damage done by it. Montana ranks second in the nation for meth abuse by teenagers and adults. This film follows several meth addicts that share their experiences using meth, as well as consequences. The film also discusses how meth is affecting some of the Native Americas in the region.

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3.   OxyContin: Time Bomb

OxyContin is a prescription pain pill that has become a popular drug to abuse. The skyrocketing addiction rates are quite alarming. This documentary discusses OxyContin addiction and possible routes to recovery from the addiction.  With chronic pain being at an all-time high, patients are being prescribed OxyContin regularly. It’s rather easy to get addicted to the drug, and patients are then stuck in a cycle of abusing the medication and struggling with withdrawal when the try to quit. Opioid addiction continues to grow, and substance abuse professionals and law enforcement officials continue to work hard at attempting to curb it.

4.   Addiction

A series called Addiction was aired on The Vice Channel, where several episodes dove into the reality of addiction in different parts of the world. In the first part of the documentary, the film discusses the Indonesian tobacco industry. Called “Tobaccoland”, Indonesia doesn’t have to contend with legislation around tobacco. As a result, two out of every three men smoke and children as young as four have been known to be regular smokers. In fact, there are some alternative health clinics that use smoking as a potential “cure” for various ailments. This seems ludicrous for the West, where smoking is considered very dangerous, claiming many lives per year.

Another segment in the film looks at a heroin addict trying to recover using the African iboga root, called Ibogaine. This type of treatment is illegal in America, as it has hallucinogenic properties. The film looks at an underground heroin clinic in Mexico where the heroin addict receives treatment. The film is immersive, real, and raw, exploring addiction through the eyes of addicts who have a sincere desire to recover.

5.   Overtaken

Overtaken is a documentary that shows the ongoing prescription pill epidemic going on in Orange County. The film shows several youths who overdosed and almost died. As a result of their drug use and near-death-experience, their lives have changed dramatically. One man, now a paraplegic, no longer can speak or walk. Another young woman, a former cheerleader, has trouble speaking now, can’t work, and has other problems. Another young woman ended up in prison.

The film also sheds light on the scope of youth affected by addiction. It’s not always the kids from the “wrong side of the tracks” who become addicted to alcohol or drugs. It’s also the scholars, athletes, and most popular kids who struggle with addiction. This is a great documentary showing how anyone can become an addict, regardless of background, race, gender, income level, intelligence, and more.

6.   Drugs, Inc.

Drugs, Inc. is a documentary that covers everything from the drug cartel to the poor workers who work for them.  The film takes a hard look at the violence and crime that occurs due to the multibillion-dollar drug industry. Millions are addicted to drugs across the world and cannot seem to escape their addictive prison. Though most of the drugs are illegal, they still find their way into the states by various means.

The film shows how heroin will get from labs in Afghanistan into the hands of dealers in the states. Perhaps you’ve wondered just how drugs get into the states even though they’re illegal. If so, this film will open your eyes up to the various ways drugs are illegally brought to the USA.

Are You Struggling With Addiction?

Perhaps you’re interested in watching addiction documentaries because you’re a substance abuse professional and you’d like to learn more about addiction. Or maybe you’re struggling with some sort of addiction yourself. Learning about addiction can certainly help you get on the path of addiction recovery. Whether your addiction is food, alcohol, porn, heroin, cocaine, Adderall, or another substance, there is treatment available for you.

You may find assistance in the form of treatment centers, where you will leave your home and stay at the rehab for usually about 30 days. There are quality rehab centers able to assist even the most addicted people recover from addiction. It will take some effort and time, but it will be well worth it when you can create the type of change in your life that you desire.

No one wants to become an addict, but yet addiction occurs quite frequently. There’s no need to feel ashamed if this has occurred for you. Simply reach out for help to treat your addiction, whether that’s at a treatment center, counselor, doctor’s office, or support group. The reality is that help is available and you may need help. Begin your journey toward freedom today by doing something to take that first step toward recovery, as that first step is most important. Make that call, send that email, or make that appointment. There are professionals ready and willing to assist you.

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