Go to any news source and you can probably find a story about a celebrity battling addiction. These are people who live their life in the public eye and are expected to be positive role models. But when they falter, others are quick to judge. Just because they have reached a certain level of fame does not mean that they are above the risks of addiction. It also does not mean that their career is over.

There are some celebrities who have entered rehab more than once, but they are making an effort to turn their lives around. There are others who have completed drug and alcohol rehab and maintained their sobriety for years. Each one is at a different stage in their journey, but they are showing society that it can be done. Here are five celebrities who have overcome their struggle with addiction and continue to follow through with their recovery:


Well known for his rap music and tough image, Eminem developed a drug addiction that could have ruined everything. He was addicted to painkillers and didn’t want to listen to anyone when they voiced concern for his health. He didn’t think it was that bad because they were pills and not heroin or some other drug. But when he mixed pills and overdosed, he was rushed to the hospital because his life was in jeopardy as his body was shutting down.

After a stint in rehab, Eminem ended up relapsing. It was his love for his children and his desire to be there for them that helped him turn his life around, in addition to support from fellow musician Elton John. He has remained sober and is an advocate for encouraging others to seek help as well.

Michael Phelps

Athletes too are at risk for addiction. Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympic athlete ever and yet he has battled substance use. He was arrested for driving under the influence and spent time in rehab to overcome drinking problems. In addition, he was also caught smoking marijuana. Phelps realized that he was making poor decisions and not only jeopardizing his health, but also his career. He has remained sober as he trains for the upcoming 2016 Olympics.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis had a valid reason for taking prescription painkillers – she had undergone cosmetic surgery. But once recovered, she continued to use and also began drinking. The drugs helped her overcome feelings of loneliness and self-consciousness about her looks. She hid her use from her family but eventually sought treatment. She did it for herself and her daughter and is now a supporter of anti-drug campaigns and speaks out about her struggles.


Robert Downey Jr.

Mandatory Credit: WENN.com

Playing the iconic superhero Iron Man is just one of the roles that actor Robert Downey Jr. is known for. Acting since he was a child, his career was on the rocks as he battled addiction. Downey has said in interviews that his drug use started when he was young because his father used drugs and gave them to him. Downey has been arrested several times on drug charges, spent time in jail, and went through rehab a few times. He had multiple relapses but finally realized that his life was headed in the wrong direction and he couldn’t keep going as he was. He attended rehab once more and has made changes in his life that he has stuck by and which have helped him continue on the path of recovery. Downey again began hitting it big in the box office and has seen his career take off once more as he achieves recognition for the positives in his life. He does not keep his previous life of addiction a secret and proves that recovery is possible.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore was born into a family with a long history in acting. Her first acclaimed role was at age seven when she was cast in E.T. Unfortunately her battle with drugs and alcohol also began at a young age. She was smoking cigarettes and drinking by age nine, was smoking marijuana at 10, and had transitioned to cocaine by the time she was 12. This is incredibly young to be living a life addicted to drugs. As a teenager she went to rehab a few times and finally one day it clicked for her. Barrymore found what worked and turned her life around. She has maintained her sobriety for years and has gone on to lead a very successful career and also supports charity.

These celebrities are not alone in their struggles. They are part of a long list of others who have gone through similar battles. Oprah Winfrey, Steven Tyler, Daniel Radcliffe, Elton John, the list goes on. There are many who have successfully overcome their addictions and continued to live lives of sobriety. Some are still finding their way and occasionally find themselves back in rehab. And then there are some who unfortunately have lost their battle with addiction and passed away due to an overdose or other complications.

Everyone has a story and they all teach us lessons about substance use and recovery. There are so many people who have been a source of inspiration and shown that it is possible to maintain sobriety even as a celebrity and achieve a healthier lifestyle. But one does not have to be a celebrity to seek treatment and succeed. There are so many options available and it’s a matter of finding what works for you and making the personal decision to turn your life around.

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