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10 Things You Should Know About Whippits

Holding WhippetsWhippits are nitrous oxide cartridges that are used to charge dispensers of whipped cream. As neutral and as harmless as it looks, there are actually people who use whippits to get high because of its euphoric effects. What these people fail to realize is despite the seemingly bland look, nitrous oxide, just like any other kind of inhalant, can lead to life-threatening and toxic adverse effects as well as addiction.

Nitrous oxide also called laughing gas, is used medically to relieve pain. Aside from this, it is also used as a propellant and preservative for dispensers of whipped cream.

The recyclable types of dispensers are repowered by a metal container loaded with nitrous oxide. These charger containers can actually be bought over the counter or online, hence, the high susceptibility of it being misused and abused.

Awareness Drive on the Dangers of Whippits

Since there is still a huge segment of people who are not fully aware of the dangers of this popular inhalant, cases of addiction and abuse are widespread. To address these concerns, the first step could be an information dissemination campaign to let the people know of its potential side effects.

Coherent to such effort, below are the top 10 things you should know about whippits now.

1. Whip-Its, Whippets, and Whippits are all the same.

While nitrous oxide charger is the more formal and more sophisticated term and whippitsare the street name, both are one and the same. Also, people spell them differently but despite these differences, the purpose is the same — to refill dispensers of whipped cream.

2. If administered by a healthcare professional, nitrous oxide is safe.

Nitrous oxide is commonly given to patients undergoing oral surgery and once you inhale it, you can get dizzy, feel relieved of the pain, and will feel a floating sensation.

Being such, it is considered safe to use nitrous oxide if it is administered by a healthcare professional. The healthcare professional can control the dosage amount and can monitor the effects of the drug to the patient receiving, thus, lessening, if not totally eliminating the risk of abuse and overdose.

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3. Whippits Don’t Give the Same High as other Recreational Drugs.

Though whippits can make you feel high, its effects on the brain’s pleasure system are different than that of other common recreational drugs. While inhalants limit the supply of oxygen to the brain and cause a floating sensation, nitrous oxides can also cause dizziness or laughter. The two substances can get one high but not on the same frequency and intensity.

4. You can get killed by misusing whippits.

Despite the fact that whippits have different effects on the brain’s pleasure system compared to other inhalants, one fact remains true. If you misuse whippits and if you use high doses of the same, you might experience lethal effects like coma, seizure, and even sudden sniffing death syndrome, a condition characterized by the stop of the heart the beating due to abuse of inhalant.

In the past, there were reported cases of people who experienced accidental injuries or who have choked on vomit while under the influence of whippits.

5. Whippits Can Lead to Grave Organ Impairment

Box of WhippetsAside from the aforementioned adverse effects of misusing whippits, it is revealed that frequent and recurrent use of Whippits can result in permanent organ impairment.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the reason behind this effect is the fact that the inhalants contain harmful chemicals which can seriously affect one’s hearing, seeing, moving, and thinking faculties. Damaged liver, kidneys, heart, and lungs are also the reported side effects of long-term Whippit use.

6. Nitrous Oxide Can Cause Withdrawal Symptoms and Addiction.

Though inhalant addictions aren’t common, the fact remains that it does happen. While there are people who use Whippits to relieve their stresses, there are those who get addicted to the nitrous oxide buzz.

Once a person suddenly lessens or totally stops using the drug, they might experience withdrawal symptoms, which in itself is a sign of dependence.

7. Most people use Whippits through party balloons!

Direct inhaling and consumption of whippits are difficult because the gas is released from the canister instantaneously. Also, direct inhaling can lead to significant lung damage because nitrous oxide can go directly to one’s lungs. The moment the gas exits the pressurized canister, it can get extremely cold, thus, causing frostbites.

To make nitrous oxide warm up first, most people use balloons and just control its flow from the balloon to their mouths. This is the explanation why huffing is uncommon when it comes to nitrous oxides.

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8. Whippit Abuse can be traced by canisters crackers.

Strange chemical smells, as well as empty balloons, are one sign of nitrous oxide abuse. Aside from this, finding crackers is another indication of abuse. Crackers are tiny metallic objects that are used to crack a whippit canister open. These objects can be bought online legally, but its only purpose is to crack open canisters of gas.

9. Whippits Are the Most Abused Inhalant

In data gathered by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, it was revealed that more than 9% of the entire American population have tried inhalants once in their lifetime.

Among the respondents, almost 12 million stated that they have tried misusing nitrous oxide.

10. Some Adverse Effects of Whippits may be treated with Vitamin B12.

According to various studies, people who have used Whippits and were treated with Vitamin B12 showed mixed results. Though some showed improved results, some saw no difference.

With the information shared above, people should be more aware of the possible side effects of Whippit use. Though the high is good, the detrimental side effects cannot compensate for the temporary relief felt.

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