Chapters Capistrano Treatment Schedule

6:00 AM Wake Up / Beds / Breakfast6:00 AM Wake Up / Meds /Breakfast6:00 AM Wake Up / Meds /Breakfast6:00 AM Wake Up / Meds /Breakfast6:00 AM Wake Up / Meds /Breakfast7:00 AM Wake Up / Meds /Breakfast7:00 AM Wake Up / Meds /Breakfast
8:00 AMSpirituality and PersonalityRole Play Life Skills4 AgreementsAnger Management8:30 AM Health and Wellness8:30 AM Health and Wellness
9:00 AMSmart Recovery & 12-Step EducationGrief, Loss, and TraumaEducation on the Disease of AddictionAddiction and LossProcess Group
10:00 AMSeeking SafetyAttitudes and BeliefsFamily and Healthy RelationshipsRelapse PreventionMental Health and Wellness
11:00 AM Lunch / MedsLunch / MedsLunch / MedsLunch / MedsLunch / MedsLunch / MedsLunch / Meds
1:00 PM Motivation in RecoveryCo-DependencySelf-EsteemEmotion RegulationAftercare Planning12:30 PM Experiential12:30 PM Experiential
2:00 PMHealth and WellnessArt TherapyHealth and WellnessProcess Group
3:00 PMHealth and WellnessSober Coping Skills
4:00 PMAcupuncture/ MeditationYoga/ Mindfulness
5:30 PMDinner / MedsDinner / MedsDinner / MedsDinner / MedsDinner / MedsDinner / MedsDinner / Meds
6:30 PMHealth and Wellness
8:00 PMGratitude GroupGratitude GroupGratitude GroupGratitude Group
9:00 PMMedicationMedicationMedicationMedicationMedicationMedicationMedication
10:00 PMLights OutLights OutLights OutLights OutLights Out
11:00 AM
12:00 AMLights OutLights Out

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