Testimonials From Our Beloved Alumni

“I wanted to wish you and all the current clients a very happy Thanksgiving. I was fortunate enough to spend last Thanksgiving there and got to enjoy Sav’s “TurDucken” with some truly special people. While I missed being home with my partner and family, I felt like I had a new recovery family around me. This year I spent the week celebrating my 1st recovery birthday with my new recovery families at the groups I attend almost daily. What a wonderful year and it all started at Chapters. I have warm memories of you all. Sav who took the time to sit and share with me his story and advice about jumping in this thing with both feet, Hailey who was very patient with me prowling in the kitchen late nights. David and Eddie who made me feel so much less stressed out. Heather and her pup who made some great weekend food and took the wild group on Saturday adventures. Louise who was very insightful. Thank you all for what you gave me. I am very grateful and wish for you all the very best this season.” – Jim


“I want to express my thanks and gratitude to you and everyone at Chapters Capistrano for changing my life. During my extensive search for a clinic, I was drawn to Chapters diversity of treatment styles and their belief that one size does NOT fit all. From the time I was picked up at the airport I was certain that I had made the right decision. This was confirmed at the house where I received warm and compassionate greetings from all. During my stay I learned a tremendous amount from every interaction. The counselors’ breadth of knowledge and sincere guidance styles were a breath of fresh air and it goes without saying that Deborah is amazing both professionally and personally. I would be remiss to not tip my hat to Sav for keeping everyone well fed! Every single member of the Chapters team is fantastic and deserves my warmest admiration and thanks. After 30 days at Chapters I left richer in mind, body and soul along with some new friends for life. Home now, I am doing wonderful, thoroughly enjoying my strength and freedom in sobriety!” – Dave


“When I showed up at Chapter’s I was amazed at the ocean view, and the house provided a comfortable and relaxing environment. I loved the fact the max capacity of clients was only nine. I had many things in common with the clients and developed many lasting friendships.  My fellow clients all came from similar backgrounds and shared the same desire to change.  It was a huge change from a previous rehab experience I had with young clients who would glamorize drug use and the program was strictly 12 step, the staff had an undercurrent of “unless you accept this we won’t help you and you can leave”.  At Chapters, I found the opposite from the support staff, case managers, therapist and even the psychiatrist.  They respected my individuality and were helpful and interested to explore my views and wishes. The staff was there to help me and that is what I needed. I am still sober and things with my family have never been better.” – Richard


“I had been to treatment before, but I had never been truly serious about it. Chapters gave me the opportunity to not only focus on quitting drinking, but to discover the underlying reasons why I drink and to develop tools and life skills to help me in the future. Their willingness to help me develop an individualized treatment plan was extremely helpful and allowed me to work the SMART recovery program instead of the 12 step programs, which I had tried in the past without success. This personalized treatment really made me feel like I was an active participant in my own recovery as opposed to being thrown into a one size fits all program. I am now excited about my future, and look forward to living a life I had previously thought impossible.”– Brendan


“I knew I had a big problem when the paramedics showed up at my house to rush me to the ER. I started calling 800 numbers at 1: 30 in the AM and the only place that answered was Chapters! I am forever grateful they did, because I had “it” – worst than most. The kind, loving, and caring staff got me through it all. They are now like family to me. They taught me how to love again and release my demons. So if you are thinking of getting help, you may need it! And did I say the food is amazing!” – Danny


“I’ve struggled with my alcoholism, and addiction for years. Chapters Capistrano and the outstanding treatment team have simply saved my life. From the day I arrived I knew I was in a safe, comfortable environment where I felt welcome and truly cared for. This incredible team allowed me to get honest, and confront issues I’ve never been able to address in the past. Finally, the light at the end of the tunnel shines brighter than ever. What an amazing place to begin the journey of recovery!” – Jim


“I was terrified to detox. I could not stop drinking, when I tried to white knuckle it, I couldn’t sleep, and my anxiety would become so bad I would skip work. I showed up to Chapters with my family demanding I get help. I was amazed at how smooth the detox process was. I met the doctor, he explained the detox process and got me started. I slept well, felt better everyday. The healthy food helped, Sav is a great cook. The daily gym helped. The therapy was excellent, I was able to process emotions I held in all of the years I was drinking. I had a few intense family therapy sessions which set the road work for me to forgive and repair. I was very pleased with the flexibility and care I got at Chapters. I am still sober today.” – Ralph


“The executive rehab at Chapters is exactly what I needed. I was motivated to change but I needed the program at Chapters to affect such a change. It put all the pieces together quickly for me. They have a great staff, great location, and their program had some real gems and nuggets of the information I needed. Their individualized, focused and holistic approach got me on track quickly to remain sober and not use. The smaller, upscale residential setting was very conducive to my success.” – Jim


“Categorizing my overall experience at Chapters, it was perfect. It was a great place for me to get away, detox and find some peace. The Chapters staff was very responsive to my needs, courteous, and compassionate. And the amenities were everything I expected them to be.” – Trevor


“Deborah – Thank you so much for all the compassion and understanding you have shown me. You have your own special way to relate to others and it is so very comforting. I will leave here with hope and joy in my heart for a brighter future.” – Lindsey


“Deborah – Thanks for everything, you’ll never know how much I appreciate all you did to help me. Thanks for making my time here more comfortable and helping me out with issues big and small. You’re a wonderful woman and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you. I will keep a lot of your advice with me for the rest of my life!” – Holly


“I have no urges and feel so much better since coming here…Best staff anyone could ask for. They exceeded (my) expectations and I felt very fortunate to have had the private bedroom and this beautiful place. Thank you so much for allowing the spousal visits and the walks to the pier and fishing time. I really appreciated the trust extended to me. It is a place I would recommend to anyone!” – Joe


“Everyone at Chapters helped with my addiction issues. My issues were identified and the tools for dealing with them were discovered and put into place. I liked the staff a lot. Everyone clearly “walks their talk” and set a good example for clients.” – Rojean


“Thank you Chapters for helping with my daughter’s mental anxiety that was leading to alcohol and drug use. You provided an environment for healing and knowledge on survival.” – Pam


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