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Weird Drug Robberies

Since the addiction craze is spreading all around the world, people are in desperate need of attention. As we mentioned last week, robbing places with drugs isn’t unheard of, in fact, it’s somewhat common. People break into pharmacies after hours to try and get the opioids that their body is craving. While robbing opioids and pharmacies isn’t a joke, it might be interesting to look into some of the weirder robberies that have taken place in order to get drugs.

Movie-Inspired Robber

One robber was able to avoid capture despite robbing multiple banks, a credit union, and even a CVS. How was he able to do it? Well, at first, the cops actually arrested a different man. A black man fit the description for all the robberies. But the culprit was actually a white man. He purchased a movie-quality mask and wore it during his robberies, tricking the police-callers into thinking the man was black. If it wasn’t for his girlfriend – who found the mask and ink-stained money – he might not have been caught.

Hello Kitty

A man robbed a drug mart of $90,000 worth of Concerta, Adderall, Ritalin, and morphine from a drug store. The man was identified to be carrying a Hello Kitty bag. The attendant at the store said he opened it up to carry all of the drugs. Though it might seem rather odd that he used such a noticeable bag. I guess it happens, maybe he didn’t want to lose the drugs later.

The Pepper Robbery

One brilliant man believed that spraying pepper spray would be a good accessory for a robbery. To subdue the pharmacy workers, the man doused them in the chemicals so he could get behind the counter without anyone fighting back. But instead of covering his mouth and eyes before going through the pepper spray mist, the man subdued himself with the pepper spray still lingering in the air. He immediately ran away and tried to escape, but his car was identified.

These are just some of some ridiculous stories that have come out of people trying to rob pharmacies. This is definitely not something that Chapters Capistrano condones. So instead of robbing a pharmacy, call us and find the rehabilitation help that is needed.