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Tips for Facing the Fear of Detox and Withdrawal


If you struggle with addiction and the desire to become sober, there is a chance you may have tried to do so independently. Many times, those who dangerously attempt to go “cold turkey” will immediately experience the pains of withdrawal, making it near impossible to go without drugs or alcohol—especially if the process brings about physical symptoms.

The detox process can vary for many—in terms of time and withdrawal response—but it is necessary to begin the addiction recovery journey. If you have been afraid of seeking sobriety due to concerns of enduring the detox and withdrawal process, here are a few things to keep in mind and find strength:

  • Medically-Assisted Detox Eases Struggles

Whenever you detox, your body is cleansing itself of something it has become dependent on for a long time. This can be an excruciating process that can result in many signs including aggression, depression, sweating, increased heart rate, vomiting and sleep disruption. As such, detox is a medical experience that should always be overseen by a medical staff.

Medically-assisted detox is very useful, as health professionals will observe your transition and pace it in a way so your body can handle it. In some cases, they may be able to administer medications to help reduce the negative experiences of the process.

  • Withdrawal Can Give You Motivation to Stay Sober

Although there are many modern resources that allow individuals to detox with as few side effects as possible, it is still an experience that many would not want to go through twice. Withdrawal may seem like an ugly experience, but it is no uglier than addiction itself.

Individuals who achieve sobriety, but face struggles with cravings can call back on these withdrawal experiences to find. In many cases, these memories will help make it easier to decide to stay sober. Put simply, the pain of going through detox again is not worth relapsing.

  • The Only Direction is Up After Detox

For many in addiction recovery, going through withdrawal is the pinnacle of hitting rock bottom. While rock bottom may not be desirable spot to be in, the position does carry a silver living: there is only way to go. After a thorough detox, your body will begin to heal itself, and you will be able to enjoy every facet of your senses without having them altered or dull. You will become more aware, and through counseling, you will find an opportunity to explore your emotions, accept struggles and map out your future with confidence.

Detox the Right Way

While many struggling with addiction may be eager to pursue detox, it is important to afford yourself the best solution for a comfortable detox and withdrawal experience. At Chapters Capistrano, our on-site detox center makes it easy for our guests to transition into residential treatment and stay focused on their recovery. With a medical staff serving patients round-the-clock, you will be afforded the best resources to ensure your detoxification is well-supervised.

To learn more about our detox center and flexible recovery options, please call us today at 949-371-4198.