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Spring Cleaning Your Home and Recovery

Spring has arrived, and for many, this brings with it the age-old tradition of spring cleaning. A time to air out your home, clean out the cobwebs, and get a fresh start. Not only do these practices apply to your home, they can work well for your recovery from addiction as well. You can use the arrival of spring as a time to re-evaluate your progress, tweak your routines and strategies, and keep yourself motivated.

Get Rid of Clutter

Sorting and organizing can help to reduce stress and frustration. Go through your piles of papers, magazines, clothes, and other items; decide what you really need to keep and what you can get rid of. When the stacks disappear, and everything is in its place, not only will your home be looking better, but it can be more satisfying for your mind.

Cleaning up your home can also remove unwanted triggers and stressors. Get rid of old shot glasses, wine glasses, or beer mugs that are just gathering dust and taking up space. Cleanse your home of unnecessary reminders of a past you’ve moved on from. Spring can be a great time to hang new pictures or switch out some knickknacks to make you feel more energized.

Get Outside

Enjoy the fresh air. As the weather warms, open the windows and let it air out your home. Get yourself outside to soak up some sun and brighten your mood. Now is a good time to start a garden and get those seeds germinating. Gardening can be very calming and empowering. It takes time and patience to see the results of your hard work, but it feels amazing once you do. You’ll also have a crop of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, or flowers that you can enjoy.

Dust off your bike and go for a ride, or dig your golf clubs or basketball out of the closet. Take time to be physically and mentally active and connect with nature. Being active can give you more energy, help with sleep, reduce stress, and allow you to clear your mind.

Make New Friends

Incorporate a few new friends into your group. Rid yourself of those who are not supportive of your recovery or new lifestyle, and instead spend time with those who are. Find people who you share something in common with and who make you feel good about yourself. Maybe you’ll meet them while volunteering or finally signing up for that class you’ve had your eye on. Broaden your horizons and start taking steps toward the future you imagined for yourself.

Revisit Your Goals

It’s been three months since the New Year and however long since you completed treatment at a luxury rehab center in California. Review the goals you’ve set for yourself and see how much progress you’ve made. Have you checked a lot of things off of your list? Are there a few things that need to be adjusted? Add some new goals as well; this will help to keep things fresh and give you more motivation to keep moving forward. You’ll also be reminding yourself of things you set out to achieve so you can get back on track.

These are just a few of the ways you can freshen up your recovery for spring. Think of things that you are ready to – or need to – change, and get started. Just as you give your home, closets, and yard a good cleaning, this process can also be mentally stimulating and refreshing. By letting go of certain things, you can allow yourself to move on and continue healing. You may not have been ready to get rid of these things earlier, but now that you’re feeling stronger and more confident and you’ve taken control of your recovery, you are ready now. Recovery is a journey; a journey in which you will you continue to grow, change, and heal along the way.

Perhaps spring cleaning has made you realize that it’s time to kick start your progress and you’re finally ready to accept help and enter treatment. A luxury rehab center like Chapters Capistrano can provide you with the safe, supportive, and relaxing environment that you’re looking for. You can create a treatment plan that aligns with your individual needs and engage in a variety of therapeutic activities to support your recovery and reduce risk of relapse. Contact Chapters Capistrano today at 888-973-0230 to get started and make positive changes in your life.