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Signs Of Cocaine Use

Listen to Mike Shea, Owner and Founder of Chapters Capistrano describe the facilities and treatment process.


Cocaine is a highly addictive substance and once a person starts using it, the chances that he or she will just stop are pretty non existent.  This is where your intervention will be most helpful for them.  If you suspect a loved one may be using cocaine, there are some signs of cocaine abuse that you should be aware of.  Some of these signs of cocaine use are:

  • The person in questions may all of a sudden become full of energy or become excessively talkative. Look for dilated pupils and a racing heart beat. Of course the high will not last very long and once over, the person will be drained of energy and quite possibly even be fatigued.
  • Various types of physical evidence left behind can be very telling as well.  Things like straws or coiled up money may be present.  You may even find small amounts of residue on surface like glass or mirrors.
  • Most drug users will also experience some appetite loss resulting in a loss of weight as well.
  • Constant sniffing, blood shot eyes and a runny nose can also mean cocaine use.  Long time cocaine users can even experience a loss of smell because their nasal passages have deteriorated with use.
  • The potential cocaine user can also experience changes in personality as well.  Where they used to be active with friends, they now may be more of a loner, seeking seclusion.

If you think you or a loved one is experiencing cocaine abuse symptoms, please give us a call.  Our professionally trained staff can be reached at any time toll free at 949-371-4198.  We will be glad to help you.

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