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Scientific Approach

The addiction treatment industry was built on, and continues to be based, almost solely on “talk therapy” and the 12 step model as the preferred methods for long-term addiction recovery. Most medical associations characterize drug and alcohol addictions as “diseases,” yet the industry has not embraced many medical breakthroughs that have occurred for treating drug and alcohol addiction. Why? Our guess is that there is a belief that medical breakthroughs in addiction therapy could potentially harm the traditional business model.

Scientific Rehab Methods

Chapters Capistrano philosophy encompasses using whatever safe and effective tools are available to help in our clients’ recovery. Our methods may include recommending certain medications that have shown to be effective in addiction treatment. This does not refer only to detoxification medications, but also medications that may help our clients meet their goal of long-term sobriety.
We do not take the view that a medical approach is “the cure” and firmly believe in a holistic treatment approach. Recent scientific breakthroughs are promising for addiction treatment and will likely only continue to improve in the future. The Caring Staff at Chapters are interested in full client disclosure and providing every safe and effective tool available to help them achieve long-term sobriety. This will sometimes include client recommendations that involve keeping an open mind to some of these new, safe, and non-addictive medical treatments.

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