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Looking for a San Jose, California drug and alcohol rehab center?

If you are looking for a drug and alcohol rehab center in San Jose, CA we want to introduce you to our luxurious oceanfront rehabilitation center that offers complimentary transportation*, so you can free your mind from travel expenses and focus on your addiction recovery. Why visit a local San Jose, California drug and alcohol rehab center when you can recover from your addiction at our state of the art center located on the ocean in beautiful San Clemente, California? You will board a plane at San Jose International Airport (SJC) in San Jose, California or perhaps another airport that is convenient for you, and fly to John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, CA where our staff will be waiting to greet you.

Because finding the path and gaining your footing on the road to drug and/or alcohol addiction recovery is a journey, and no one should ever feel they must go it alone. At Chapters Capistrano, an alternative to a San Jose, CA drug and alcohol rehab center, we believe that recovery and rejuvenation can be attained when self-realization and recognition of the addiction problem is present in a suffering individual. Moreover, a positive and healthy lifestyle can be achieved when there is guidance and support delivered by caring and compassionate people, who understand what you are going through.

Chapters Capistrano is an affordable and luxurious drug rehab center that subscribes to the philosophy that our clients are each unique individuals in their own right. And while the subject of drug or alcohol abuse is certainly highly personal, we know there is more to you than your addiction alone. We recognize your strength, your fears, your hopes and your dreams. We recognize that you want a life that does not include a dependency on drugs or alcohol. Chapters knows that you are dreaming about freedom, about recovery, and are focused on a better tomorrow. It is because of this that we have customized the addiction treatment program at our rehab center to include:

  • Private Rooms: Five of our seven suites are private rooms. This allows you to feel comfortable and at ease as you begin on the path to recovery. Chapters maximum occupancy is nine clients.
  • Intensive One on One Sessions: One of the foundations of Chapters’ program is intensive one on one sessions. While other treatment centers may market this, Chapters delivers on its promise of intensive one on one sessions with your dedicated counselor, marriage & family therapist, psychologist and/or psychiatrist, and addiction doctor.
  • Flexible Length of Stay: While other programs typically require a 30-day minimum, Chapters understands that different types of addiction, as well as personal life factors may not make a 30-day stay feasible, or necessary.
  • Flexible Treatment Approach: Our treatment program is not one-size-fits-all, and it is because of this that we regularly incorporate a variety of treatment strategies, including non 12 step approaches. We truly believe we are the best California alcohol and drug rehab center because we are committed to individualizing your experience.
  • On-Site Detox: The addiction experts at Chapters Capistrano will help you work through a medically-supervised detox experience. Additionally, unlike some addiction treatment centers, our detox program is always completed on-site. This detox program can also encompass a 7 & 14-Day program, which is ideal for those individuals who have been through treatment before, and who are looking to get back on track through a fast and time-effective method.
  • Cell & Laptop Friendly Facility: Because we understand that it is important for our clients to not feel cut off or isolated from the outside world, we allow you to keep in contact through an inclusive cell phone and laptop policy.
  • Oceanfront, Affordable Luxury Facility: With the Pacific Ocean in our backyard, Chapters invites you to take the first step to recovery amidst the gentle breezes and tranquil beaches of Southern California while enjoying the amenities, services and perks this truly luxurious locale has to offer.

The Chapters mission is simple: We want to customize and tailor a substance abuse treatment program to meet your needs. No matter if you are looking for a private executive detox experience to re-energize and recommit to a recovery program, or if you have “hit bottom” and dream of reclaiming your life, Chapters can help.

Now is the time to break the chains of addiction. Regain control of your dreams, your health and your life. The treatment experts at Chapters Capistrano want to be your partner in addiction recovery. We welcome you to peruse our website and learn more about who we are and how we can help you. Or, call 949-371-4198 today. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to speak with you about how Chapters can help you bring your life back into focus.

*Clients must complete a 30 day recovery treatment program at Chapters Capistrano to receive complimentary transportation.

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