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Pet Medications Can Be Abused

It’s not completely out of the question to see someone use substances that aren’t prescribed for them. In fact, this is how many prescription drug addicts get by. They steal from them friends and family or buy them on the street. But what happens when this isn’t enough? Some people are reportedly turning to using their pets’ medications to get their fix.

It’s difficult to imagine turning to a pet’s food or medications when desperate. Granted, if starvation is the only answer, it’s not completely insane to believe people would eat dog food. But what happens when a pet is prescribed medications? Perhaps a veterinarian wrote a prescription for hydrocodone to help treat coughs in a dog. Or even Xanax, which can be common for animals that face lots of anxiety. Another drug that is commonly prescribed is tramadol, which is an opioid pain medication for both humans and animals. Oddly enough, people are turning to their pet’s drugs when they’re cut off at the doctor’s office. Veterinarians are reporting that repeat customers aren’t that uncommon when it comes to these highly watched drugs.

To combat this new development in the addiction epidemic in the U.S., different states are dealing with this in different ways. For example, some have started requiring veterinarians to put these drugs on state or national watch-lists. In Maine, Governor Paul LePage now requires all professionals that prescribe drugs to check the state-wide database before prescribing benzodiazepines or opioids. This is according to NBC News.

But this doesn’t always stop people from abusing their pets’ drugs. In fact, a man in Fairbanks, Alaska was arrested after trying to steal medications from the local veterinary office. This story was reported by Webcenter 11. The accused man fell asleep mid-robbery and was arrested. This wasn’t the first time the vet clinic had to deal with the accused man as he had been turned away several times for trying to get drugs.

People suffering from a drug addiction know no bounds. Turning to use their pets for a drug addiction is sad. If there is a person you know using their pet to find drugs, contact Chapters Capistrano immediately. We can help someone quit their addiction for good.