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Other Interesting Addiction Blogs

When browsing around the internet, it’s important to read more addiction blogs than just the Chapters Capistrano blog. Plus, we’re only one type of addiction blog. There are plenty of other different addiction blogs scattered around the web. They can provide different outlooks for life. For example, a mother of two who is a recovering pain pill addict will blog differently than a single 30-year-old male who is recovering from Cocaine abuse.

Make sure to check out other blogs and open your mind a little more. Then come back here and share the knowledge that you learned on other sites. Here are some popular addiction blogs you might find enjoyable.

Sober Julie

Sober Julie is a site ran by Julie (of course). She’s a recovering alcoholic from Canada who found sobriety after a serious car accident. She’s been blogging about seven years and posts about a wide variety of topics. She writes mostly about family, food, health, and sobriety. Julie’s an entertaining blogger with a fun twist on life.

Guinevere Gets Sober

Though ran by a woman named Jennifer Matesa, Guinevere Gets Sober is a blog by a recovering fentanyl abuser. Matesa is a published author with books about recovery in different forms. Including Sex in Recovery: A Meeting Between the Covers. She’s also a teacher at the University of Pittsburgh. The blog is for all types of addictions, not just fentanyl.

One John Mitchell

One John Mitchell, obviously ran by John Mitchell, is a blog that takes an entertaining look at his life, from growing up with poverty, insanity, and addiction. The posts don’t get updated frequently, but there’s enough of a post history to catch up on. Plus, Mitchell also has a book to read in while we wait for more.

Sober Senorita

The blog Sober Senorita is ran by Kelly Fitzgerald. It shares the story of a binge drinker who grew up in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania suburbs. During college, she picked up her binge drinking habit while playing Division II soccer at Millersville University in Pennsylvania. After graduation, Fitzgerald moved to Cancun, Mexico to continue binge drinking and partying. Now she blogs about her experience on her website.